Tea Review: Yogi Tea DeCaffe Roast and Vanilla Hazelnut

Yogi Tea: DeCaffe Roast and Vanilla Hazelnut

My friend Candy sent me samples of these two kinds of "tea". Actually, neither contain tea, and as such are caffeine-free. I have had various Yogi Teas before, and enjoy the quality taste and different flavors. In my experience, Yogi Teas are quite strong and usually spicy, and these are no different. If you like chai, you will like these teas!

The first, DeCaffe Roast, is a coffee substitute. Because I never drink coffee, I am not qualified to tell whether it tastes much like coffee. To me, it smells a little like coffee (yum!). It's rather peppery, and leaves some spice in your mouth :). Yehoshua smelled this tea and said "Nana!" I'm not sure if that was due to the smell (she likes coffee) or the fact that it was in "her" cup. :) Anyway, it's a good, flavorful tea, and I quite enjoyed my cup of it. 

The second tea I tried was called Vanilla Hazelnut. This, too, was a spicy dark brew, and slightly sweet-tasting (particularly when tasted after the DeCaffe Roast tea). I must admit to not tasting much vanilla flavor in this tea; it was delicious nonetheless.

Either of these teas are a great way to start or end a day, caffeine-free, smooth, and dark. Yum! I can't wait to have that second bag of Vanilla Hazelnut Candy sent :)


We don't have this brand here (at least to my knowledge) but I have sampled some of their teas. I still haven't made up my mind if I like them in general or not - quite many of them have been too "stingy" to my taste. I like the desing of their teabags and I have some of them in my collection, too.

I sampled their Piccadilly tea a few morning back, and it was fairly good imo.

I have had a lot of Yogi teas that had a strong pepper taste. :) Oh, someone gave me a couple bags of Yogi "Piccadilly Breakfast" I think it's called. I haven't tried it yet though. :)

Now pepper would explain a lot! :-)

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