Yehoshua and I made granola today!

Yehoshua, with our fresh granola

Yehoshua loves to help me in the kitchen! Today we made granola. Our morning started our rather hectic.

For one thing, we went walking later than usual, and so it was getting really hot out by the time we got back. It seemed like "everyone" was hungry (and with a nursing baby, it can be a challenge to feed "everyone" at once!) and "everyone" needed a diaper change (actually only 2 people ;D) and "everyone" was getting grumpy from being hungry, hot, and stressed out (really probably just me!).

But, we made it through the morning, despite a fussy (gassy, maybe?) baby and all the "help" (i.e. dropping crumbs on the floor and getting into trouble) provided by a two-year-old. ;) And our granola turned out just fine.

Of course, just moments after making granola (we had been out of it and were missing having it for breakfast!) we discovered that our milk had all gone sour. :D

The afternoon continued, thankfully a little less-eventfully than our morning was, and by bedtime everything was running smoothly again. :)

Yehoshua did get into a bit of mischief by trying to fill his sippy cup from the water dispenser by himself. He's not allowed to do that, because he can't always get it turned off in time. This was no exception, unfortunately.

We heard him calling, "Dada, Mama, water!" When we asked where the water was, he took us to the kitchen and showed us a big puddle on the linoleum.

Joshua said, "Yehoshua! You aren't supposed to turn on the water!" I said, "Did you run into a little problem here, Yehoshua?" and Yehoshua said, "Yeah!" in the CUTEST little voice and we started cracking up. Then we got him a huge bath towel and made him wipe up the water. :)

But now it's late, and I must head off to bed... Good night!


What Tammy is withholding in this story is Yehoshua said "Yeah!" in such a cute, and funny way that I burst into laughter. Tammy quickly composed herself and motioned to me to, "Calm down, don't let re-inforce this behavoior!" type look (she was correct of course) but I could not hold it in. It was not a fake, "Look at me, I am cute" but an excited exclamation that was telling us how he felt. Everything from yelling up, "Water! Water!" to "Yeah!" you could just tell he was trying his best to communicate with us. It was very sweet... of course he is not supposed to touch the water dispenser and he got the priviledge of cleaning up all his spilt water!

Next time I think I will have to leave he says something so funny because I am sure laughing didn't help. On a positive note he didn't even seem to notice I was laughing at him--he probably is so used to us being so loud and doing many things at once. I hope at least!

And, though it does tend to encourage bad behavior at times...humor definitely has its benefits. At some point, frustration is inevitable...and the only way to deal with those feelings effectively is to start to see the funny side of life. I am not a parent, but I have younger siblings and I really don't see how parents could survive without a sense of humor.


Pamela, you're right-- sometimes all I can do is laugh because otherwise I would be frustrated by whatever's going on... some days it seems like all I do is RE-DO things that Yehoshua has undone! Well, that and change diapers ;). But try loading the washer (in the basement) while having to make several trips upstairs to get kids out of trouble (and this is AFTER the laundry's sorted!), or changing both kids only to find out that the one I changed first has already wet again... :D But, I do try to keep Yehoshua working along side of me, and the messes... my motto is: If it's just water, it's not even considered a mess. :D

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