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This site began as an idea for a kitchen blog. I enjoy cooking (most of the time :D) and had been thinking about starting a special "food blog" with recipes, for fun and to encourage others when they needed a little "kitchen inspiration". As I discussed my ideas with my husband, Joshua, we decided to add more and more things: besides having a blog, there's a whole directory for easy access, comment and review features, and various articles. I can't thank Joshua enough for all his hard work on the functionality of this site.

As we worked on making these ideas a reality, I realised that I was really enjoying this website! And I didn't want to only blog about what I'd been cooking. There's so much more to life than just food. ;)

So this website is my recipe box, my blog, and featured guest chefs, all in one. You can come here for recipes, menus, meal ideas, and kitchen topics... or even just to read about my life and see a few photos of my little ones. :)

If you would like to leave comments on blog entries, or review a recipe (after you have tried it, of course ;D), you will need to register a username. It's really simple: just click on the link to submit your email address and the name you wish to register. You'll receive a confirmation email, and you're all set! No one else can access your email address, and of course, we aren't going to spam you! :)

If you have suggestions for this site, run into a problem, or have a question, please take the opportunity to relpy to this post and let us know! We also can't wait to hear what you think of the site itself! And I'm sure Joshua would enjoy hearing that all his hard work is being enjoyed by someone besides just me. ;)

Thanks for visiting! We plan to update this site often, so be sure to visit again! May Yahweh bless you!



It is a great site! Joshua is very talented, and I do appreciate how easy to use and pleasant to visit your site is, Tammy...so he did a great job in my eyes.

Although Tammy is far too modest. She had been "cooking" up this idea for a long time and keeps bringing ideas to me on a daily basis, "Can we do this?" She is very excited about it! You guys are only seeing the tip of the iceberg in regards to what Tammy has in store for this community. It wont lose focus, but lets just say it will be more and more interactive, inspirational, and devotional as time goes on. She wants to bless people and be a way to keep in contact with friends and likewise help others looking for nice, homemade meals.

As for the site I do welcome comments. I have yet to bug test everything. eek! For example this page is breaking the page design! Ugh!

Anyhow, Tammy has a great vision to share this site with her friends. In particular I love her idea of a "personable" site that has TESTED and TRUSTED recipes and has pictures for them all. I don't know how often I look at recipes online and they are just random recipes--you never know if people REALLY like them. And without a picture you are kind of wondering, "Will this really work". Every recipe on this site is one we, or a guest chef, likes and thinks is a beneficial addition to the community!

Feel free to leave feedback and ideas on the site. This is just the v.1.0 edition to get things kicked off. Most of the work has been behind the scenes working on the recipe and review system and streamlining the content system (everything is done just like you would posting on a forum or LiveJournal).

I hope you and everyone else enjoys your time here, that you can enjoy friendly dialogue and edify eachother. And if you have suggestions for the site design, features, or content, want to suggest a recipe, or want to become an active member contributing recipes and content let Tammy know :)

I hope you all enjoy the site and have fun! Tammy has put weeks of work into the site and countless hours picking my brain about the best way to build a site to meet her core vision while being flexible, user friendly, and a blessing to others. Any community is as good as its members, and based on Tammy's friend list I am sure you guys will have a blast here :)


I'm afraid visiting this site is going to make me hungry (especially that cheesecake picture!), but maybe that will inspire me to cook more. Lovely design and beautiful pictures!


We won't always feature desserts on our homepage... but they're just so pretty! :) I feel like I need to add an article about exercising now :D

This site looks great, Tammy! I am really excited about it and I am sure I will get lots of new recipes! I can't wait to be a guest chef!

Thanks, Bonnie! I plan to feature you later this week. :)

I can't wait to see how this website grows, Tammy. You've done a great job already! I am so excited about it!

We really appreciate your participation!

I echo what everyone else said.
I really like it...


Thank you for your input and participation! :)

I've been needing some new recipes to use, and I'll definitely be coming over here for your tried and true ones.

Because of CHRIST,

If you are looking for tried and true recipes then you definately came to the right place! That is one thing we have set out to accomplish with the site: Real recipes, tried by real people. On top of that we are trying to get pictures of all the recipes placed on the site. Seriously, who wants to try a new recipe from a complete stranger without having a clue what the end product will look like? The cool thing about the pictures is we are not specially trained gourmet chefs--what you see is what YOU get!

Personally, I think one of the cooler features of the site is getting to rate recipes you have tried. Tammy and I are biased: These are our favorite recipes, the staples in our diet. Allowing users to give their own score and rating will level the playing field and give people a good idea of what is good... and what isn't so good ;)

Hopefully you can be a guess chef sometime soon. When you are (ah, note the subtle manipulation there!) my guess is Tammy will plan it into our schedule so we can give some feedback and rate it :)

Thanks for taking the time to comment Amanda. Your friends in Messiah - Joshua

So far, from the recipes that Tammy has shared with us in the past, I know you all have good taste buds.

because of our Messiah, :)

We appreciate your participation. :D Now, how about making up a dish of your Organic Chicken Fettuccine and snapping a photo and becoming the latest guest chef? ;)

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