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Happy-Homemaker, seamstress/designer/crafter
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My hobbies and interests are: Worshipping my Lord day and night, taking good care of my hubby and home, designing quality modest islamic clothing (Im a seamstress-lol and a crafter). I love to knit and crochet, cook, and bake as well. I love all these blessed things.
I fear and worship the one and Almighty creator as a muslim. I'm an all natural and modest person. I love Allaah's creation and I am amazed by what He blesses us to do of good things that please Him.
I also, love to share what I know with others as well as benefit from others of what good things they know.
I stumbled upon your site and really like it. I hope to visit often. Thank you for letting me write this book, THE END (lol)


I am originally from the US, but now residing in the middle East in Dubai, UAE (United Arab Emirates)



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