Trying out my new mei tai!

I have always thought it would be fun to "wear" my babies in slings, carriers, backpacks, etc... I tried two different carriers with Yehoshua, and neither was successful as far as long-term wear.

We had the most success with a homemade "ring sling". Yehohsua hated it when he was a newborn, but by the time he was old enough to sit up, he enjoyed being carried in it, upright, facing me, helping me do my grocery shopping. :) I got a lot of comments when I did my grocery shopping with him in the sling ;) It was nice not having my cart taken up with an infant car seat, too! :)

I used the sling when I needed to vacuum, or occasionally for very short walks. It wasn't extremely comfortable and I honestly couldn't seem to get it into a good position where I would have good use of my arms. Bending over while wearing it wasn't exactly convenient, either, and most of my activities involved bending over. Standing and doing dishes or cooking... well, it wasn't exactly easy with a chubby baby who was constantly grabbing for whatever was in my hand and trying to turn around to see what was going on. ;)

Eliyahu has been a very content, sweet little baby and I haven't really felt a need to try to have him in a carrier. However, when my friend Ruth offered me a mei tai carrier that she had made, I quickly accepted! :D

Carrying Eliyahu in the mei tai while hanging diapers

I haven't used my mei tai for very long yet, but it's definitely comfortable to wear. Eliyahu weighs about 20 pounds, but the wide, cushioned straps disperse the weight well, even better than the ultra-padded straps of some of the name-brand carriers.

I can't seem to get Eliyahu into the mei tai on my back without assistance, but I can put him facing me in front. (There are a variety of different carries one can do with a mei tai, but I have not tried most of them yet!) He seemed to like riding in it. :) I'm anxious to try more activities and positions with this carrier!

One thing I really love is how it folds up nice and small. It's just soft fabric, unlike the commercial carriers that are full of snaps, buckles, straps, etc., so it's easily washed, stored, or tucked into the diaper bag.

But truth be known, what I really REALLY love about this carrier is that it's homemade, and was a gift from a very sweet friend. There are some people who are such great examples of Godliness, and so encouraging towards holiness, and they quietly seek to bless and minister to others. I'm blessed to have a friend like that in Ruth!

Whether we're talking about being content, cloth diapering, our little boys, loving others, home birthing, or what God's been doing in our lives, Ruth's virtues shine through.

 Diapers... they just never end around here! :D

As you can see from the pictures, Yehoshua loves to help. He also loves to run off, and make me chase him down... but some days he really does cooperate! :)

Using the mei tai to carry baby while hanging laundry :)


How sweet of Ruth! I have never tried a sling, have thougth it would be real handy though. Should find myself one. :) I enjoyed the pictures of you hanging up laundry with your two boys. I love hanging out laundry and seeing if flapping away in the breeze.

I know you can sew, and there are easy directions online for making your own ring sling. :D Mine was homemade by a friend, and we got the metal rings at Wal-mart for less than a dollar. I'm not sure where Ruth got the pattern for the mei tai, but it's homemade too.

I don't think carriers are always practical (Eliyahu is quite grabby these days!) but they can be nice for a change of pace... and also because I like to hold my babies but need my hands free sometimes. And Eliyahu is so heavy, my arms get tired from holding him! I'll bet Benjamin is the same way for you :)

I know I could sew one just haven't seen a pattern for one. Sometimes I think it would be handy to have, Benjamin is heavy too. Last time I weighed him, he was 26 lbs and he is just 9 months. :) I'll have to check it out. Anyway I must go and do diaper laundry. :)


26 pounds?!?! Does everyone ask, "WHAT have you been feeding him?!"?! He's huge! He must be Yehoshua's size!! :)

My mom and I based our mei tai on the directions here:

But it is a good idea to look at other instructions and carrier sites ( is my favorite for learning how to tie them) and get an idea of what you would like. For instance, the instructions I linked to seem to think that it is a fairly large carrier with long straps and if you are smaller person might want a smaller carrier. I don't think so at all. In fact, I would make the top straps longer yet because you can tie it more ways then. Also I never minded having a mei tai with a larger "body" because when my son was littler he liked being able to snuggle down in it.

Here are a couple more instruction sites I have found but not tried:


I've made ring slings for myself, and a friend asked me to make one for her. I've made special trips to a farm store to buy the rings, I had no idea they could be found at Walmart! Where exactly did you find the rings in Walmart? Sewing/Crafts? Just wondering if I can save myself a trip. Thanks.

I have definately seen a difference in slings. I found the unpadded to almost leave permanent gouges in my shoulders and some padded to be too padded. I also have found too long slings where it felt like the baby was at my knees!!! Hopefully this time around I will be better with a sling- I have a nice one but it has this ugly fisherman fabric LOL

...not that I've tried all that many, but still. It's really comfortable! And I can bend over without having to hold the baby in. (I tie it snugly.) That was always my problem... everything required bending over and I had to hold the baby in the carrier so he wouldn't topple out! Also, I can adjust it while the baby is inside, because it's just simple ties. :)

That looks really comfy. Can't wait till I can have one. ;) You look really great too. :)


Just kidding, Olivia :) Thanks for the compliment. :)

Aw! It made my day to see this post! I'm so glad you like it.:-D The pictures are so great...I have often hung up a bunch of diapers with Malachi in a mei tai but your pictures have me all excited to wear the new baby while Malachi "helps". (I almost said that your pictures made me look forward to having two little boys: I NEED to stop assuming this baby is a boy!!;-D)

...because you made MY day when you sent it! :) We love the Mei Tai. Today I caught Joshua wearing it with Yehoshua in it! haha I guess Yehoshua brought it to him and asked to be put in it. :) And then later, Yehoshua wanted to wear it with a stuffed animal inside. ;) I'll have to post pictures sometime :)

Don't worry... you'll have plenty of diapers when your new baby comes! (Unless you are super-mom-ruth and potty train Malachi!) They seem to never end for me these days. :) Oh well, it gives us a good excuse to spend time outside. I love hanging out diapers. :)

Oh that is so cute that Joshua and Yehoshua wear it, too.:-D

Heehee, I would love to be super mom Ruth and have Malachi potty trained but I don't think it will happen before the baby is born. Once we are in our own house I think I will try to get him on a potty chair a couple times a day (because I usually know in advance when he's pooping and I bet I could "catch" him peeing when he wakes up from his nap.:-P) just to see what he thinks of it. But I won't push it.

...about potty training. I am not stressing out about it (a good thing) and if I'm the one doing the diapers, who cares? :)

I just found this post:) I love those pictures and love carriers. I survived high need babies with them!! I have a homemade sling now that I use when needed which is not so often with my content 1 year old but we'll see what the next baby is like! Do you use a carrier with ruth?

I haven't yet used a carrier with Ruth (she's 2.5 months old now!). I tried laying her in the ring sling when she was smaller, but it didn't work very well. She's probably big enough for the mei tai, but it's been too cold to use that when outside, and in the house, I just hold her unless she's sleeping. :) I am looking forward to using the mei tai for her when we go on walks, shopping, or playing outside this summer! :D

to read through this and see my old comments. Now we have another baby and I still haven't tried a mei tai! I must check out the links and see if I can find some time to sew just that. :)


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