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New poll and energy bar idea

Our current poll question is: How frequently do you try a new recipe? If you haven't already done so, please go vote! :)

Thank you to everyone who has been leaving recipe reviews... they're always so fun to read!

I made energy bars yesterday, and tried an idea left from Lisa_iowa in a review at the bottom of the recipe, which was to put the bars in one pan instead of two. My jelly roll pans are about 10.5" x 15", which isn't exactly huge, and so an entire recipe of energy bars was difficult to squeeze into the pan.

I might have just put it on two pans after all, except that I had gotten the bright idea to make a double batch of the energy bars, and use both sheets. I get tired of making energy bars every week or two, so I figured these extra-thick bars would be my solution! ;)

So, I pressed them in, and it worked! I did have to increase the cooking time by about 10 minutes, but they turned out wonderfully! Yay! I may just do that again! :) Thanks, Lisa! ;)

Don't eat your store-bought fresh spinach!

Since this is largely a cooking blog, I thought I'd mention that fresh spinach is in the news: Don't eat fresh spinach from the store, as it is suspected to have caused an outbreak of E. coli.

I guess I'll save my tasty spinach-stuffed chicken breast recipe for another time! ;)

Fresh From The Garden: Onions!

I love onions! One of my favorite onion "dishes" is grilled vidalia onions, served with some grilled steak or chicken.

Our garden onions usually keep well, stored in a dark, cool, dry location (if possible). However, sometimes they start to go bad and then I have to be creative with using them. 


One thing I love to do with fresh onions (and garlic!) is to use them when I cook ahead. We like lots of chopped onion and minced garlic fried with our ground beef, and when I fry 10+ pounds of burger meat, it uses quite a few! If I have garlic or onions that are starting to wilt or spoil, I fry some meat and then put it in the freezer.

I've found that normally freezing things like green peppers, chopped onions, or garlic will leave a strong smell in your freezer and consequently in the other foods you have frozen. (Most people don't really like green pepper-flavored broccoli. ;D) However, when I use those same things to season meat as it is cooking, I can freeze it without "flavoring" my entire freezer. ;)

I'm going to take a break over the weekend from my "Fresh From The Garden" posts, but we'll continue next week with a week's worth of apple recipes!

Frugal Fridays: How I Conserve Dish Soap (and water!)

My kitchen sink   It's Frugal Friday time again, and this week's tip is about conserving dish soap... with a bonus water-saving idea thrown in, too! ;) Read about it!

Fresh From The Orchard: Pears!

   Pears are another fruit that I find to be almost irresistible... when they're fresh and ripe! We recently made a delicious Quick and Easy Autumn Dessert, which can be made with pears or apples. We were impressed with how easy and tasty this dessert is! We don't usually get many fresh pears to have to worry about using them all, but...

Other things we have done with pears, besides just eating them fresh, is canning them to use in mixed fruit. We also like dehydrated pears, which are a sweet snack in the winter!

Joshua loves chopped fresh pears in his morning oatmeal, along with some raisins and cinnamon, vanilla, butter, and brown sugar. ;)

Tomorrow: Using onions!

More On Recycling


Crystal had an interesting discussion about recycling on her blog in response to my Frugal Fridays post about avoiding paying for trash pick-up. I had more thoughts to share, and wrote some of them in a comment over there, but wanted to write more here. My quick Frugal Fridays post didn't go into a lot of details, so here are some more thoughts about recycling and conserving, as an addendum to my post. :) (Read more)

Fresh From The Garden: Tomatoes!

We've been blessed with garden-fresh tomatoes this year; oh, how I love tomatoes from the garden! The store-bought ones just don't compare!!

I've added two new tomato recipes. The first is my Tomato Cucumber Salad recipe, which I made last week. I ate the entire batch in one day. I love tomato cucumber salad! I had almost forgotten how much I like it!

The second new tomato recipe is called Greek Pasta Salad and is best made with cherry or grape tomatoes. We didn't grow that kind, but my neighbor did and she brought me a grocery sack full of them. Joshua brought them in and said, "Beverly gave you a ton of tomatoes." I could hardly believe it when I saw that the grocery bag was practically bursting from all the tomatoes!

So, I got busy and ate lots of fresh ones for snacks, and made the pasta salad, and used them in various other meals. Read more for more tomato recipes!

Tomorrow: An Autumn Pear treat!

You know you don't comb your hair often enough...

You know you don't comb your hair often enough when your two year old sees you brushing your hair and says,

"Going bye-bye, Mama?!"

Nope, sorry Yehoshua, this is just my once-a-week brushing, whether we're going bye-bye or not! We usually only go out once a week, and this week it's not until Friday. :D

Actually, I do comb my hair, but not every day. I wash it and put it in a bun and usually leave it in for a couple days without touching it, or, at most, simply putting it in a more secure bun.

But I would like to do better at making myself look more... presentable on a regular basis. :P Maybe soon I'll post our new schedule and ask for beautifying tips :D

Fresh From The Garden: Red Raspberries!

There are lots of ripe red raspberries here right now. Yehoshua loves to go out to the patch and walk along it (it's more of a large "row" in my parents' garden) and pick off ripe ones to eat. ;) Last summer he wouldn't eat red raspberries. He loved blackberries (?! the sour ones!) but would spit out red raspberries. We tried sneaking them into his mouth, but nothing would work. Oh well, this year he loves them. :) (Read about what we have been making with red raspberries!)


Tomorrow: It's all about tomatoes!

"It's so yummy, Mama!"

Yehoshua is so sweet. I just had to share what he told me this evening. He gave me a compliment!

He said, "It's so yummy, Mama!" :D His little voice melts my heart, and it's just precious to hear him talking. (He's still learning how to talk in first person!)

So, what was so yummy? ;)

We were making a dish of stuffed shells, and I was stuffing the filling into the shells. Yehoshua was standing on a chair beside the counter, helping with the dishes while I worked on the food. He kept begging for a piece of the cooked pasta, so I found a few little broken pieces that were cooked in with the shells. As he ate them, he said, "It's so yummy, Mama."

I laughed and said, "Yehoshua! That is so nice of you to say!" So he said it again. ;)