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Guest chef Abigail: Making easy hard cheese

Easy hard cheese

Guest chef Abigail lives on a family farm in Iowa, and having extra goat's milk prompted her to learn how to make some homemade cheese!

Abigail graciously agreed to share detailed instructions and photos with us -- click here to read more! :)

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Guest Chef Abigail: Quick and Easy Bread Sticks

Quick and Easy Bread Sticks recipe

Mmmmm...feeling hungry yet? I made these Quick and Easy Breadsticks for lunch today and they turned out so pretty that I couldn't resist taking a few pictures to share. A couple months ago I discovered this recipe and it's quickly become one of my most favorites.

It's quick and easy, takes only a few staple ingredients, is very versatile, and is super tasty. My younger brother Daniel dubbed them as "probably one of the best things you've ever made" -- and that's really high praise coming from a little brother. ;-)

Okay, okay, you've talked me into it... (read more!)

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Guest Chef Abigail Paul shares summertime squash casserole recipe!

Summer Squash Casserole

Today's guest chef lives in Iowa, on a family-owned organic farm. Meet Abigail Paul, and learn more about her recipe for Summer Squash Casserole -- just in time for all those extra garden squash and zucchini! :)

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