Popcorn Cereal

Popcorn Cereal

Popcorn transformed into a sweet and milky breakfast cereal!




Plain popcorn (yellow or white), popped in an air popper (without oil)
Sweetener of your choice: sugar, brown sugar, honey, stevia, xylitol, etc.


1. Pile a cereal bowl full of popcorn.

2. Add a spoonful of sweetener. (Photo shows xylitol.)

3. Pour milk over popcorn in bowl. (I use about 1/2 cup of milk for 2-3 cups of popcorn.)

4. Stir to coat popcorn. Enjoy!

Popcorn cereal!
Additional Notes: 

I got this recipe from my mom. :D

Preparation Time: 

5 minutes

Tammy's Review: 

I loved popcorn cereal as a child, and guess what? I still love it! Cheap, easy, and healthy! :) My rating: 10/10

Popcorn cereal


I was a little skeptical of this recipe but thought why not give it a try. This is absolutely delicious. Economical & healthy too! Thank you for sharing. Did you know this is actually what colonial mothers fed their children for breakfast? Neat tidbit. :)


At first i wasnt so sure i would like this but after i made it and added 1 tbs. of sugar it was pretty good! And it is pretty healthy. Also next time i ll have to make sure to take out all the unpopped popcorn kernels out before adding sugar and milk because than i have to take them out while i eat.


Ok, so when you had first posted about this I had tried it and like it but never got around to the review and sort of forgot about this as a breakfast. Fast forward a year and I discover that I have Celiac's and am craving a bowl of cereal - this popcorn was (is) a lifesaver. It is inexpensive, handy, and tastes good. Oh, and my kids laughed when we read "Farmer Boy" by Laura Ingalls Wilder and Almonzo mentions that he would love some of their fresh popped popcorn in a bowl with sugar and milk. He has good taste I guess.


Would have been amazing if the popcorn wasn't soggy. But the kids loved it!


The kids and I love this. (Joshua thinks we're crazy.) The only bad part? I have to pop a LOT of corn for all of us to have this cereal for more than 1 meal! :)


I tried this the other day when we had some leftover from the night before, oh my it's so good! I popped a big pot just for breakfast for myself today, mmmmm. ^.^ (my husband thinks I'm crazy, btw, he doesn't even want to watch me eat my popcorn cereal.. Jeez!) :)


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