Our frugal wedding: Reflections and photos :)

At our wedding reception...

Aline asked about seeing a wedding photo that actually showed our faces. ;) Here we are at our reception. :) I can't remember who took this picture, but it's one of my favorites! :)

I thought that I'd also write a little bit about our wedding, for anyone interested. I've been meaning to write about our wedding ever since I read this post by my cousin Willa. So whether you're looking for frugal wedding ideas, or you just like reading about weddings, here you go! ;)

Joshua and I paid for our own wedding, so we naturally tried to find frugal ways of planning a wedding! :) We actually preferred planning and funding our own wedding, since it meant that we could make our own choices without feeling pressured to do things a certain way. :)

We had a church wedding, at my parents' Baptist church, but Joshua's pastor who is Messianic from the Seattle area flew here to Ohio to perform the ceremony.

Our wedding party

We had a small wedding party -- just a best man and a maid of honor. We asked the best man to wear a black suit with a blue tie. My maid of honor lives in Washington state, so I mailed her a few shades of blue and asked her to find a nice dress in one of those colors. She found a lovely blue dress and her mom altered it to fit her perfectly! :)

Joshua and me...

I found a new wedding gown for $69 on the clearance rack at a bridal shop. It was one of the few modest choices there, but I loved it!! My mom altered it for me, and the bridal store steamed it (for free, since I had bought it there) right before the wedding.

At the receptionI made my own veil from tulle. It wasn't difficult to make, and I added some silk roses at the top, and put white and blue ribbons in it. I think the veil cost less than $5! :)

We did hire a professional photographer, but were able to get an extremely good rate due to several factors.

First, we were married on a Tuesday evening in March -- a day when most photographers aren't booked. :) (But we didn't choose the date for this reason!)

Secondly, because we had such a small wedding party, there weren't nearly so many shots to take.

Thirdly, since Joshua and I didn't plan to do the traditional "don't see each other all day" on our wedding day, we were able to have all of our photos done before and during the wedding, with none afterwards (meaning that our photographer didn't stay afterwards at all). We had friends and relatives who took photos at the reception. :)

In the end, we got about 80 photos plus the negatives (I guess digital wasn't so popular back then?) for $300. That was a LOT cheaper than the other quotes I had found! :)

(As a side note, the pictures I'm posting were scanned and resized several times through the years -- I should have Joshua scan a couple of fresh ones! haha)

Under the chuppah...

We also had a chuppah, which my grandfather built for us. We painted it white and then decorated it. It was huge. (It disassembled for transport.) It was surprisingly difficult to get it to look as nice as it did. More tulle and lots of cheap silk yellow roses... It was nice when it was finished, though! :)

Since I wanted to have as much wedding preparation done in advance as possible, we had silk flowers. A friend of mine who is a florist went with me to pick out flowers, and then I tried to describe how I wanted my bouquet to look. :) She did a great job! :)

Fruit salad...We also did our own food! Okay, I guess you all expected that. But trust me, this was long before the idea of a cooking blog (or a blog at all!) had entered into my mind. ;)

We had the help of friends and family -- we served things like potato salad, broccoli and cauliflower salad, punch, cake, relish trays... oh, and hot roast beef sandwiches. I got the meat on sale and did it up myself and we froze it until the wedding day. Joshua was in charge of making several huge bowls of fruit salad on the day of our wedding! They were beautiful.

We made way too much food, though. There were lots of leftovers! And if I had to go it again, I'd definitely choose foods that could all be prepared at least a day or two (or more!) in advance. :)

Signing our ketuvah...

One thing we didn't do "frugally" was our ketuvah. (Here is a link to the one we bought.) We ordered ours personalized with our names, location, etc. hand-written in calligraphy. Such an important covenant deserves to be beautifully documented! :)

Final thoughts? I think weddings should be how the couple desires... which may mean "splurging" in a few areas that are the most important to them, but doing things simply in other areas. Joshua and I wanted a nice ketuvah, some good photos, and lots of yummy food for our guests. :) We did a lot of things ourselves, with the help of our family and friends. We could never have done it all!!

I'm honestly not sure exactly how much our wedding cost in the end, since Joshua and I lived in different states while we were planning the wedding, and we each paid for different parts (for example, he ordered the ketuvah, and I located a photographer), but we certainly didn't go into debt, and minus the cost of the ketuvah and the plane ticket for our pastor, I'm pretty sure the rest was under $1K. :)

So, there you have it! :)


Hi There Tammy-
Are you both Messianic Jews? I loved reading about your wedding! We are not Jews but sure do love celebrating some of the Jewish feasts with our children. Do you celebrate Jewish as well as Christian holidays?

Thanks, Cindy! :) We are Messianic (Joshua wrote more in depth about our faith in this comment from a while back) and we do celebrate the Biblical feasts and holy days. :) We don't observe Christmas or Easter, though we are certainly thankful for the birth, life, death, and resurrection of our Messiah! :)

LOVE THIS!! I just happened across your site when looking for 'homemade Wheat Thins'. ;) We're Messianic, too. What a blessing!

I love your site. I passed it along to my daughter and a friend of mine. Excellent information! I can't wait to read more.


I am totally confused again! I asked ages ago if you were jewish, and you answered no, but observe certain feast days. Now, Joshua's minister was a messianic Jew, and you had many Jewish themes in your wedding (I wish I had known about the ketuvah when we got married... what a beautiful idea! [aside: how much do you get? ;)]) Did you smash a glass too? (cos that is so cool)

Anyways, that aside, I think you had a wonderful, homey, friendly wedding... which is what they should be. In the old days there was none of this wedding planning, spending 70k on a single day of your marriage... it was at the local church if you had one, or at home, with a pot luck reception. Much more comfortable and intimate.

I'm sorry we're so... confusing! :) We are not Jewish by birth or in practice. (Just look at how many of my recipes combine meat and milk products, which is forbidden in Judaism!) We seek to serve and obey our Heavenly Father, which is why we observe the Biblical feasts. :)

We incorporated some Jewish traditions into our wedding simply because we enjoyed the rich meaning behind them. :) One of my favorite parts was that I walked down the aisle with both of my parents, rather than just my dad! We did smash a glass... in fact, in the chuppah photo, behind me there is a little table with two glasses -- one for the wine (we used grape juice per the church's rules ;D) and the other was put into the cloth bag (it's folded up under them in the photo) and smashed. 

Since none of our family is Jewish, our wedding was very different for them! We got many many comments about it being the "most interesting wedding" they had ever seen. ;) A few people did congratulate us with "Mazel Tov!" though! :)

Anyway, I see no Biblical commands about chuppahs, ketuvahs, etc... but we were blessed by the meaning behind the traditions. :) Hopefully it's not so confusing now... :)

aside: how much do you get? ;)

What do you mean? :) 

(and I'm curious too!) is that she is talking about this: The ketubah became a mechanism whereby the amount due to the wife (the dower) came to be paid in the event of the cessation of marriage, either by the death of the husband or divorce.


I looked up the ritual of the ketuva, and in it, traditionally, it stated a sum of money the bride gets upon the death of her husband or in the event he divorces her. It was brought into practice by the rabbi's because young men were unaboe to afford their dowry's. Having it this way meant they could get married, and the girl knew she wouldn't be left destitute by either of the circumstances.

I was just being cheeky.

Thank you for the pictures! And the story. What a beautiful and simple wedding you had.

Chuppah was in a favorite movie of mine. (Meet the Parents, has Ben Stiller in it, a hilarious comedian)

Chuppah simply means altar. And altar is in the Bible :-). They did go on to mention that one day it could go
in the couple's yard.

The wedding looked beautiful! I've learned over the years, sometimes it's best to you have a smaller wedding, and they invest in the important part! The honeymoon!! People spend 10's of thousands of dollars on the wedding, only to divorce years later, how sad!

Us? We had a cake and punch reception. Maybe people criticized us, for looking cheap. Having a cheaper reception afforded us a lot nicer honeymoon! Looking back, I don't regret it one bit! I have photos, and a video, and many memories!

Lovely wedding.

I would love to hear more about how you celebrate the feasts. I have always wanted to do that, but have never known...just how...to go about doing it.

When I saw your wedding picture, I first thought you were Mennonite, then I read about the Baptist church and then the Jewish themes.

I am just so very curious to know the name of the church you attend.

I think I took that picture of Joshua and you. I think I just saw it while I was pasting my pictures. My scrapbooking is not the correct way of doing it. I just paste my picture - with a glue stick - on card stock that is acid free. Then I put acid free stickers around them. Anyways. Yes, a lot of people in Tammy's family asked us what different things meant after the ceremony. Your Uncle Joe and Aunt Deb asked a ton of questions. I remember you got a good deal on eggs too. It was around Easter so they were on sale. I remember cooking and how hard the eggs were to peel. We had to call your brothers over to help peel. They were not easy to do and Don didn't eat deviled eggs for quite awhile after that. He was so tired of seeing them. I don't think we ate eggs for months later. LOL. Your wedding did have a lot of different things that people were not use to, but it did make it more memorable then other.

Aunt Teresa

I think it's great that you guys got to do what you wanted with your wedding. In hindsight, I realize that I didn't really take the time in all the rush to think about what I wanted, and I have apologized to my husband for vetoing some of the things he wanted (kilts and bagpipes - his family is Scottish). We did have some things we wanted (beautiful flowers were really the only thing I cared about, and he wanted trumpets and violins, which we had!), but so much of it wound up being what our moms wanted! It did wind up being a lot of work for things that didn't mean that much to me.

Of course, the stress was magnified by the fact that there was a hurricane the weekend we got married so the rehearsal dinner restaurant was flooded and the health department shut all the hotels which left our out of town guests scrambling, there was no electricity or running water anywhere, etc etc.

BUT! We got married. :) And I hope that I can remember to advise my daughter to really think about how she wants her wedding, and then back off enough to let her do it her way!

I like your chuppah - what did you do with it afterward?

I like your chuppah - what did you do with it afterward?

Thanks! At the time, it was disassembled and left at the church in case anyone else wanted to use it. I'm not sure where it is right now, actually. Since I were moving (driving in our vehicles!) to Missouri right after the wedding, it wasn't an option to take it with us, and the wood wouldn't have really survived outdoors very well, I don't think... it was pretty big (9 feet square, I think) so... :)

Tammy, thank you for posting more about your special day! It was so neat to read and learn a little more about you. :o) We had a cheap wedding, too - Paul and I were a little older (25 and 29) when we got married, so we each worked hard and saved our money for the big day. I bought my dress off the rack, we made our own table decorations, favors, and I decorated a borrowed cake knife and server. We got married in an "off" month for the wedding industry (March isn't too busy yet!) so things were cheap, cheap, cheap! We did have it in a reception hall, since I have a large family - and we still only kept it to 150 guests when it could have been well over 400 (ouch, imagine paying for all of that!). Dinner was family style (pass your own dishes) so it was way cheaper than buffet or server style. We were initially going to elope, since I didn't want to spend a lot on a wedding, but when we look back on our pictures and watch the video (our church camera man sweetly videotaped us for free!), we are so glad we had a beautiful day with our family and friends! :)

Isn't it sad how many people get lost in the moment and want to be "princess for the day" but the pricetag is astronomical? I still felt like a princess but for a lot, lot less! :)

at weddings! I cringe when I hear how much money people put into weddings. Though my daughters are still young, we will have several open houses(we homeschool) and weddings to prepare for in the next few, short years. Your ideas for keeping expenses to a minimum will help greatly!

And congrats again on 6 years. I, too, was 20 years old when I got married. This year we will celebrate our 16th anniversary. In a society today where giving up and getting divorced is the norm, rather than the exception, each year that goes by is truely a reason to celebrate.

Thank you for sharing the details about your wedding.
I always love to hear those things and see wedding pictures.

I love it that you both planned it together and were able to represent what you both wanted. Many times it is the bride and her mother planning--poor guys.(-:

I am engaged to be married to the most wonderful man. We met during our first year in college, which is 6.5 years ago, and will be married this fall. I enjoy reading engagement/wedding stories, and want to thank you for sharing yours.

The ketubah and chuppah were also one of my fiancé's and my top priorities - and we also commissioned both by the same local artist. We shared a bunch of details about us and our relationship with the artist, and they will be incorporated into the ketubah so it will be very unique. I believe that 20 years from now I will be walking by it and discover something new and exciting, just like I know that our relationship will always feel "new and exciting." As one of the many gifts they gave us, my parents commissioned the chuppah, to become a family heirloom that we hope will be used by my younger brother when he marries and future generations. In fact, we are planning with the artist for their to be some way to add future names to the chuppah.

I did have one question for you, Tammy. Why do you call the ketubah a ketuvah with a "v"? I've always seen it spelled with a "b." (Chuppah is another story - like Channuckah!)

By the way, I think that Eliyahu looks so much like Tammy in this photo. Super cute! My brother looks just like my dad and I look just like my mom but more petite - they each got a copy!

Best to you and your family!

Thanks! :)

Your ketubah and chuppah sound just lovely!! :)

I guess I spell "ketuvah" with a "v" since that is the sound that the beth makes... :) 

Tammy, what a great wedding. You and Joshua did such a terrific job of planning a wedding that would be full of meaning for the both of you. I just loved reading about it. Dolores

Thanks Tammy for sharing. I love simple weddings. Your'e pictures and recitation of the day were lovely.

Thanks for sharing,

You had a beautiful wedding!! Now you have to post a story of how you and Joshua met and fell in love. Oh, and also how he proposed!! :)

What a beautiful wedding! My daughter is getting married in May and we are doing it as frugally as possible, too. What you did for the chuppah with the tulle and flowers are something I will take ideas from. I just bought a bolt of tulle for decorating and I will definitely be using your picture as inspiration. How beautiful. Congratulations on 6 wonderful years of marriage.

Thanks for sharing! We paid for our own wedding as well, and did it as frugaly as possible. For 2K, we paid for everything, including the rings, the dress, the bridesmaids (4 of them) dresses, etc. etc. We were quite happy with that! Of course, there's a few things I'd do differently if I were to do it again, yet basically the same. It was a beautiful day, full of wonderful memories. =)

That is nice that you planned your wedding together. Congratulations again on your six years!

My husband and I were married as part of the regular Sunday church service at our church -- it was a surprise wedding for everyone except the bridal party, pastor and organist. We didn't send out invitations -- we merely encouraged our families to come to church on that Sunday to take part in a special event (they all were there) and hoped that all of our church family would be there too. We purchased the altar flowers for the service and my bouquet and flowers for the family members. Since the church didn't have any air conditioning and it was going to be hot we purchased simple white fans and had our names and marriage date put on the side of the fan. We put a simple insert into the bulletin for that Sunday that invited everyone to share a meal with us after the service. Some very good friends helped us plan and set up the luncheon in advance of the service. We incorporated hymns and readings into the service that had meaning to us. Our very good friend and next door neighbor was the organist (I had to make him promise that he wouldn't play Here Comes the Bride). My brother in law served as (impromptu) photographer and we had a lot of disposable cameras so people could capture candid shots. It was a wonderfully peaceful and stress free day. We were surrounded by family and friends and were able to share with many more people than if we would have planned a big to-do.

Now that you mentioned it, I thought I'd share that we celebrate one of the Jewish holidays, too! We are looking forward to the Passover. Too bad that Easter is so off base with the Passover this year; sometimes it follows the Passover perfectly. I don't understand why the Christian church separated Easter from the Passover. We find the Passover and the Lord as our Passover lamb to be so richly meaningful. We could never separate the Passover and His resurrection. So we will be waiting to celebrate His resurrection this year until after the Passover -our most special holiday of the year.

We do celebrate Christmas for several days by reading the story of his birth and life, and singing together with our children. We skip the stockings, reindeer, Santa and gifts, but still do a nice meal. Last year we called my husband's family on Christmas Eve and sang to them. They were so touched to hear our kids.


Is Joshua from Washington State and are you from Ohio? How did you two ever meet? :) Maybe I missed it on your website, but I don't recall ever hearing that story! :)

Vicky, yes -- Joshua grew up in the Seattle area, and I am from Ohio. :) We corresponded through the mail (my parents didn't -- and still don't -- have internet at home!) and then through phone calls. Joshua visited me/my family a couple times, and then we got married! That's the short version, anyway. :)

One of these days, I'd enjoy hearing how you were introduced - basically, the long version :)

Lovely wedding. Thank you for sharing :)

I love your dress. It is refreshing to see how a beautiful, meaningful wedding can take place without costing a fortune. I have two teenage daughters, so sometimes I wonder what their weddings will be like. I grew up in the midwest and had a fairly simple, traditional church wedding with cake and a few trimmings served in the church fellowship area after the ceremony. Now we live in the east, where weddings have been much more formal and expensive for a long time, even though even in the midwest they are "ramping up" expectations for weddings nowadays.

I hope that my daughters will have weddings on the order of yours--true celebrations of the "birth" of a new family, times of happiness and love and fun, surrounded by the people we love best.

One of my friends got married at a state park in Maine, and after the ceremony they had a potluck dinner provided by the whole church, and a sand volley-ball tournement.

There are ways to be frugal and have an even better time than you would have if you spent a ton of money. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful success story.


Is beautiful!
Just thought I would let you know.


I loved seeing the pictures of the two of you! You looked lovely and the chuppah looked really pretty too. I hope now you will share the story of how you two met and got engaged as well (since I'm not the only one asking)! I'm such a sucker for those romantic stories though (I think every story of falling in love is romantic).

I look forward to all your posts on how you celebrate the biblical feasts (food included, of course!). It'll be nice for comparing notes! :P

You [Judah] shall no more be termed Forsaken, nor shall your land be called Desolate any more. But you shall be called Hephzibah [My delight is in her], and your land be called Beulah [married]; for the Lord delights in you, and your land shall be married [owned and protected by the Lord]. --Isaiah 62:4

LOVED the post. What a beautiful wedding. We spent 4K on ours and thought that was frugal (my dad chipped in that much, though, and it didn't include the photographer which my in-laws paid for as a wedding gift!) It's nice to see that other people not wasting tens or hundreds of thousands on one day, for of course that's not what matters!

That is such a nice picture of you and Joshua - I am glad to see his face; you make such a lovely couple. Now I am wondering if little Ruth's hair takes after her daddy's? She's a sweet little baby for sure. :)

I hope you had a wonderful anniversary.

Blessings, Lyn


This is totally unrelated, but I was folding my dish cloths and towels this morning and thought of how you said you had a stinky dish rag problem. I did too until I started washing them like cloth diapers. I rinse them in hot water and let them air dry at the end of the day, then they all go into a basket to await being washed. When I have a full basket I add the detergent and some baking soda to a hot wash in the washing machine. After they wash, I run an extra cold rinse with about 3/4 c white vinegar and a few drops of tea tree oil. I usually put mine in the dryer, but they smell fresh and clean!

Also, a long time ago I saw a lady boil her dish rags on the stove top and washing hem the old fashioned way. Seemed like a lot of trouble to me, but it's a thought. Hope that helps!


It was neat to see some of your wedding photos and hear all about your special day, 6 years ago. I love how your wedding was unique yet simple and had your own special touches. Beautiful!! I really like the way the chuppah turned out. :)
I like the idea of having a potluck sort of meal and also with food that can be prepared in advance as well. I can't see myself spending very much on my wedding even though it will be a BIG day for me. I do hope/pray/plan to spend no more than $2000 if at all possible. However, there is no wedding anywhere in sight yet. =D
Your wedding gown is gorgeous and what a "steal" you got!! Wow!!
So happy for you!
Thank you for sharing and like the others, I'd love to hear more about how and Joshua met and such....

Thank you all for such sweet comments and for sharing wedding stories! :) :)

What a beautiful story and pictures!

Our wedding was very small. My sister had been married 6 months before I was, so most of my family had already traveled down for that. My grandparents weren't doing well by that time, and my husbands weren't either. We decided at that time instead of trying to figure out how to work around them and his large family (mine is smaller) we went with just immediate family. We had it at a local (to me he lived 2 hours away) Bed & Breakfast in their living rooms in front of the fireplace (It was on Feb 28th). The funny thing is, the pastor was actually coming from a meeting in the same city that my soon to be husband was coming from. He was tired, and we joke that the ceremony was done so quickly that we had no idea what he said between our nerves and his speed that we will occasionally add stuff in that we "Know" was in there. ;) Our reception was held at the B&B since they served dinners there too. It was lovely. Our wedding cake: A Chocolate Orange Cheesecake. One of these days I need to figure out how to make it since they served the whole thing to us and we didn't even get a piece to put in the freezer for our first year. The pieces were so big, and we were already stuffed from our dinner that no one even finished their slices. It had a chocolate cookie crust, chocolate orange cheesecake filling and a chocolate glaze topping (ganache I think), so I am sure I could do it - I've just never made one before - only a regular vanilla cheesecake. We didn't have a honeymoon- we spent the night in town at a hotel (not the B&B) and went and saw a movie that night. The next day I moved into our apartment back to where hubby lived, and the day after that I started my new job. It was quite a whirlwind. We still haven't had a honeymoon and it's been 10 years.

I thought that I would mention another frugal wedding tip that my family has used alot. For the wedding cake instead of using cake mix for all of the cake layers we used rice crispy treats and formed them into the pan then plopped it out and frosted it. It looks just like a cake but without all the frozen left overs. If you still want to do the traditional cut the cake you could just do the top layer cake, and the other layers rice crispies. Kids love to eat rice crispies so I think it is easier to get rid of left overs.

I loved seeing your wedding! You look so sweet. We also had a frugal wedding with a hog roast in the park and a $20 thrift store dress! It was a Jessica McClintock too.

Do you still live in MO? I live in KS but grew up in MO.

.........And ever so happy that you and your family were a part of mine!!
Without you and being a part of your wedding, I'd be a lonely 'ol spinster!;)

Wow! what a nice story and What a beautiful and simple wedding you had.Thank you for the pictures! and sharing the moments you had!

Hi Tammy - I know well about frugal weddings! My husband and I met over the internet! I was an American (half English) living in England, and he was an Englishman living in Scotland.. We started corresponding in the February, met in the April, became engaged in the August and married in October! That was over 11 years ago. We married late, we were both 34. When we got married, my mother and my aunt started making plans, and when they started talking about renting the village hall, and debating cream brocade, we had to put our foot down. So we decided to get married at Gretna, which was also conveniently close to where my husband lived (and where I would be living). So, for the cost of a wedding licence, a small fee from the Old Smithy at Gretna to be married there, a small fee for the local Baptist Minister, we were married. My mother sewed my wedding dress, of white Indian cotton with gold embroidery (total cost about $20), my bouquet of flowers cost £5, my husband wore a jacket and tie he already owned. A few relatives made their own way up there and stayed locally. My inlaws paid for us to have a lunch at the Old Smith, which cost about £100 (maybe about $160 at the time), and after the wedding we drove to Loch Lomond and stayed in a bed and breakfast for one night (all we could afford). I suppose the whole wedding cost us about £200 or so. We have been very happily married for 11 years, and have been blessed with two children.

My parents had a friend who paid for his daughter's wedding. He had to take out a bank loan, I think the wedding cost about $25,000. She was married less than a year, before getting divorced, and he would be paying for the wedding for about 10 years, I think.

These days I think weddings are more about the wedding and less about the marriage.



The Lord bless thee and keep thee; the Lord make his face shine upon thee; and be gracious unto thee; the Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace. (Numbers 6:22-26)

We planned our wedding in 6 months for less than $1500 for ceremony, reception and dance You mentioned keeping catering costs down, and that you are having a church reception. I don't know if you are members at the church, but many times the ladies auxiliary or work group will serve your meal for a donation, much cheaper than a caterer, and really good church lady food!

We also chose a more modest and intimate civil wedding with only the closest friends and family, and it was fabulous! We had the reception at my parents’ house with a cake made by my aunt especially for us! We couldn’t afford to have a huge wedding because we needed to buy all our furniture for the new apartment. I’m really glad we didn’t spend thousands on it because after all, what you feel is what matters!

I looked up Kefir grains and your blog came up... I noticed a recipe for Matzah, and I'v been reading the blog since 6 pm mountain time. It is now 8:17. I continued searching to find out if you were Messianic. (I had figured you were) I am also Messianic..
Happy Counting of the Omer!

What an attractive couple!

Nice post! and congratulations to the couple, the couple are lovely to look! congrats again!

We also did a very simple wedding and a surprise to all. Our 3year "dating" anniversary was coming up and we just decided to get married on the same day as our first date!!! We called my parents my Nana and Grumpy and my other Grandmother just happened to be in town that week too. So we thought it was perfect timing. My Nana and I went to a local department store where we bought a regular "church dress" off the rack ( I wanted something I could wear again) My DH wore a shirt and tie out of his closet. My Grandmother bought my small bouquet of roses and my husbands flowers too. My Mom made a meat tray, pickle & veggie tray. My Nana made my DH favorite cheesecake and My baby sister bought us our wedding cake (it was 1/4 sheet cake). We got married on my Grandparents back porch. It was so simple not stressful and all totaled no more than $300.00 spent!
I saw what my parents when through with both my older and younger sisters weddings it was terrible. It was more about the wedding day than the marriage. I am happy to say 3 children and 11 wonderful years later we still are a couple of kids at heart ( I am 37 and he is 32) loving each other daily and blessed to have our family by our side on that wonderful day.

Hi there.

I'm curious about your lack of makeup. Is that religious or personal choice?

Your wedding was lovely and you and your husband look very happy. It is good that prioritized so that you knew what things you wanted to spend your money on, instead of allowing the whole thing to snow ball into more money than is prudent to spend. Since the wedding is just one day, and the marriage is for a lifetime, having to start out your marriage with a bunch of debt from the wedding would be a questionable way to start.... Your choices gave you a nice day with family and friends, but didn't leave you paying for it for a long time to come. Well done!

When my husband and I got married, we had a very intimate wedding, (25 people including the pastor), in an outdoor setting. Our Chuppa was the boughs of the spruce trees above us, the music was birdsong. The bouquet was a gift from a friend who worked at a florist, the beautiful 3 tier cake was a wedding gift from a friend who made cakes as a hobby, I had my dress made from fabric I found on sale, total cost $10 for fabric and $25 for the seamstress, I made my Juliet style veil. The photographer was a friend who took the photos for free and gave us the film to have it developed. My husband and I bought simple gold bands, I had no engagement ring, (by my own choice... I do not usually wear jewelry, the exception being my wedding band). The reception was more like an Oneg, (a Jewish celebration in honor of the sabbath that takes place on Friday evening or Saturday afternoon), with punch cake and fresh fruit. We had a lovely day, and our union has been a happy one. We are approaching our 35th wedding anniversary this July. It is nice to have a beautiful wedding day, but it is better to have a wonderful life together! Blessings to you and your family! Shalom! Elle

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