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Emily's visit!

My friend Emily drove down to see us today! We've known each other for a couple years via the internet, but had never gotten a chance to meet each other in person. I was so thankful that she was able to drive here and spend the day with us. It was great to meet her and her two cute little boys, Matthew and Andrew! (Read more for photos and more details about our day!)

New recipes added, company coming, haircuts, etc. :)

Strawberry Cream Frozen Dessert

We've been busy in the kitchen (and everywhere else, as usual!) and I've been able to add several new recipes in the past few days. Be sure to check out out newest dessert, Strawberry Cream Frozen Dessert (pictured above), as well as my mom's delicious Chicken Gravy & Drop Biscuits which she served to us on Friday. I got creative the other day and came up with (what I thought was) a yummy way to eat chicken and broccoli: Cheesy Veggie Chicken Pasta. And last night, Joshua and I made some Summer Strawberry Lemonade. I never realised how difficult it was to take a good picture of a glass of lemonade! It tasted even better than it looked and didn't even last through the evening. :)

So besides cooking, what have I been doing?

I've been so bored. ;)

For one thing, I figured out that I spend probably 2 hours per day, just changing diapers. I nurse Eliyahu, which is probably 3+ hours per day. I usually take a walk in the monrings, which takes at least 45 minutes. This morning, however, I was snoozing away when... (read more)

Tea Review: Yogi Tea DeCaffe Roast and Vanilla Hazelnut

Yogi Tea: DeCaffe Roast and Vanilla Hazelnut 

 Today in the mail, I received a little packet of tea from my friend Candy! She is such a sweet friend! The teas she sent all look so delicious, so of course I had to try some tonight. They are delicious!! Here is my review of two Yogi Tea flavors: DeCaffe Roast and Vanilla Hazelnut!

English-to-Metric conversion calculator

For those who would like a quick way to convery the recipe measurments on this site to metric: an online conversion calculator!

Some good kitchen tips and ideas from Crystal

My friend Crystal posted some great kitchen tips and meal ideas in her blog! Be sure to check them out here (menu ideas and tips) and here (sample simple menu)!  

Cloth diapering: my method, ideas, and tips, with photos!

Diapers drying in the breeze...

A number of people have emailed me with questions regarding my cloth diapering method. (I had written an article about it a couple years ago.) I am certainly not a cloth-diaper-expert, but I have used cloth diapers for over 2 years now, with good success. My diapers are clean and white and fresh-smelling, and my children have been rash-free and dry (well, most of the time ;D). So if you're one of the ones who wanted more details, or if cloth diapers interest you, read on!

Keeping busy, as usual: post ideas and Eliyahu update

It's getting late (again!), but I wanted to write a quick post about the bread I made with lunch today, a couple of site updates, and some future post ideas. (read more, including two cute pics of Eliyahu!)

Contest Details for the Month of July!

Enter to win some of Tammy's homemade granola and her favorite assorted teas! All you need to do to become eligable is register! We are holding a contest during the month of July! There will be three names drawn and three people will receive prizes! Wondering how to enter, and what you might win? Register to become eligable and continue reading for details, deadlines, and yummy pictures of prizes.

Introducing Guest Chef Bonnie Faber of Ohio!

Bonnie's Strawberry pie!

I'm excited to introduce our newest guest chef, Bonnie Faber of Ohio! Bonnie is sharing several of her favorite things to cook: Strawberry Pie (shown above), Tuna Noodle Casserole (a recipe she created herself!), and Caramel Pecan Rolls (a sweet treat that's sure to delight!).

Week in Review: July 7th, 2006


Week in Review: July 7th, 2006. This week we were blessed with two guest chefs, Ruth Visser and Olivia McEntire, as well as over a dozen new recipes added. Inside you will find handy links to all this weeks new content including our recipe of the week -- Grilled Lemon Garlic Pepper Chicken.