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Guest Chef Victoria Yim of Singapore shares her recipe for Walnut Apple Pie!

Walnut Apple Pie   Welcome to today's guest chef, Victoria Yim! Victoria lives in Singapore, and she offered to share one of her family's favorite desserts: Walnut Apple PieKeep reading to learn more about Victoria, where she lives, and her cooking style!

My daily schedule, February-August, 2006

 Christi suggested I post about our daily schedule. I had already been thinking about writing about schedules, since we happen to be in the process of changing ours. (Just how dramatically, I'm not yet sure! We're in "transition" this week!) So for starters, here is the schedule we have been using this year. When we work out our new one, I'll write about it then. :) (Read more...)

 Tammy and Yehoshua, ready to eat lunch

Diabetic-Friendly Recipes

Grilled Chicken Salad   We received an email from a lady asking about diabetic-friendly recipes on our website. While there aren't a lot of recipes that are tailored to a diabetic diet, there are some simple modifications that can be made to most any meal which will render it more healthful, especially for diabetics! (Read more)

Easy Chicken Veggie Appetizer recipe, and Yehoshua plays the violin!

Easy Chicken Veggie Appetizer

Easy Chicken Veggie Appetizer recipe... a quick summer appetizer, and the only recipe I could add on a busy day like today. :)

But, I do have a real treat for those of you who love my son Yehoshua. Here are two photos of Yehoshua playing the violin! (Read more)

Yehoshua's haircut photo, cream of chicken soup recipe, grocery shopping, changes, etc.

I made some homemade cream of chicken soup a couple days ago, and added the recipe to the website. I don't make it very often, because I like to make it in large batches and freeze it for individual uses later. I have been doing this for a few years now.

I remember how "addicted" I was to the store-bought cans. Not because of the taste, but the convenience! I kept thinking, "Next time I will make homemade." Then I would go to make a recipe that called for cream of chicken soup, and I didn't have any chicken broth handy and/or hadn't left enough time to start from scratch. So I would reach for another can, telling myself that "next time" would be different. ;)

Finally, I just stopped buying the cans. That solved my problem. ;) If I have a problem of using/eating something when I shouldn't, the best solution (for me) sometimes is to just not have any available, at all. :)

But in case you're wondering... I don't think the canned soup is "evil" or something... just not as healthy, and certainly not as cheap as a little leftover chicken broth, some seasonings, and a little milk and flour. ;)

I promised a photo of Yehoshua's recent haircut, for those interested...

Using Dried Legumes

Tomatoes and Black Beans over Pasta   Beans and other legumes are so nutritious, and dried beans are so affordable, but just how does one go about preparing them? Here are some helpful tips for using dried legumes. Includes cooking times for different beans, along with helpful tips for preparing, cooking, and using dried beans!

Eliyahu at 7 months

 Eliyahu continues to be such a joy to our home... I just can't imagine life without him! He's seven months old now, and enjoys playing on the floor (scooting around, sitting, and trying to climb!), in his walker, or in his bed (with stuffed animals -- it's so cute how he hugs Yehoshua's little stuffed doggie or bear!). At 22 lbs, he's a solid little guy, and still loves his mama-milk. Here's an update (with pictures) all about my little snuggly bunny Eliyahu! :D  Eliyahu, 7 months

Nacho Grande Casserole recipe, and our weekend update

 Earlier this week, we made Nacho Grande Casserole, which is a delicious meatless mexican dish. It's pretty easy to make, and economical, too! I had cooked up extra beans when I made Tomatoes and Black Beans over Pasta, so I used some of them.  Nacho Grande Casserole recipe

I also added our breakfast burrito recipe! And if you haven't yet voted in our poll about whether or not we should do more video blog posts, be sure to do so! If you're interested in a video on a certain topic/subject, feel free to leave the suggestion in a comment and we'll see what we can do. :)

Read more, about our weekend (so far)...

Baking, cleaning, laundry and chores: the day ahead

I have a lot of goals for today, so I though I'd blog about them to motivate me... that way I can come back later today and write about what actually got done :) So, here's my list:

1. Bake something. (Either energy bars or some granola, as we're out of all of it!)

2. Clean the house. (Not sure exactly how far I'll go on this one, but the bathroom really needs cleaned and the floors need cleaned!)

3. Laundry. (It looks like the rain that was supposed to come this afternoon might be coming this morning [it's 8 am]. But I at least need to wash diapers!)

4. Potty training, picking up clutter, make meals (plan dinner for tonight!), and take a picture of Yehoshua's new haircut. :D

Now you know where I'll be all day! :)

New pizza recipe, potty training, etc.

We had some homemade pizza for dinner tonight. I used my "new" recipe, which we decided to call Tammy's Easy Pizza. :)

I'm drinking some Celestial Seasonings Golden Honey Derjeeling tea... it's so good! I made a whole pot with just one teabag, so it's pretty weak, but I still love it! What a great way to wind down from a busy day. :)

(Read more about our day, including potty training adventures and haircut trauma)