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I feel like...

Naps.... ahhhhh....

I feel like this. But as you can see from the huge pile of laundry that needs put away... I better get busy and start using it for something other than a footrest. ;) 

This is how Joshua found me at noon today. Don't worry, I had already packed his lunch and planned dinner. :D I was only napping because Eliyahu wanted me to nap with him... ;)

September 24, 2006 -- Sunshine Casserole

Sunshine Casserole recipe

This week's Recipe of the Week is one I created myself, which I like to call "Sunshine Casserole"! It's a casserole of chicken, egg noodles, veggies, and a delicious homemade gravy topping.

I created it as a use for leftover chicken meat and/or egg noodles, and Joshua and I both loved it immediately! It's especially easy to make when you have leftovers to use up, and your family (or guests!) will never know it's made with leftovers... unless you tell them, of course. ;)

Tea Review: Twinings Organic Tea

 I was so excited to receive in the mail a sample of Twinings Organic Tea! My friend Pinja, who is an avid tea-drinker (like myself :D) decided to share this sample of one of her favorite morning teas, and I quite enjoyed the experience! So did Yehoshua, as you can see for yourself... ;)  Twinings Organic Tea

Canning tomatoes, again!


 September has been a busy month for me these past two years, ever since we moved here and I've had a garden. :) Today Yehoshua and I canned some more tomatoes.

I'm feeling kinda chatty, so I thought I'd blog about our day. (Here is how Yehoshua looked when he was peeling tomatoes for me...)

Green tea: It won't prevent cancer, BUT...

 Here is a fascinating news article about a recent study done on green tea. Over 40,000 Japanese participants showed no cancer-fighting benefits from drinking green tea. However, the participants proved a drastically reduced rate of cardiovascular disease. (As much as 30% for women!)

It's always exciting to find that the things I enjoy drinking or eating truly do have scientifically-proven health benefits!


Frugal Fridays: Baby Washcloths

Baby wash cloth from burp rag!

Homemade cloth baby wipes   This week's Frugal Fridays tip is about making homemade baby washcloths by "recycling" old baby bath towels! I first did this when Yehoshua was small, and we've used these "homemade washcloths" ever since! Read about making them!

Autumn weather encourages garage-cleaning

 Monday was quite a rainy, dreary day here in our corner of Ohio. Sunday was so beautiful and sunny and warm; Monday was a complete change, and it truly felt like Autumn had arrived!

 And then Tuesday it wasn't rainy, but it was decidedly cooler and now going outside with the children involves putting on two sets of socks, shoes, coats, and hats. ;)


The Autumn weather gave me this nice warm nesting feeling (which I get rather often, pregnant or not!) and the motivation to tackle some of the larger items on my mental to-do list. One of which was cleaning the garage!

(See "after" photos!)

Apples, apples, apples!

Fancy Springform Apple Cake recipe

Today's apple recipe is this Fancy Springform Apple Cake! It was fun to make, and didn't last long at our house when I made it last week. :D I really love having apples on hand to bake with!

Since this week was mostly about apples, I decided to make a poll about everyone's favorite variety of apple. You get 10 different choices, so be sure to cast your vote for your most favorite apple. ;)

I'm not sure what I have planned for next week, but I'm thinking of posting more potato recipes. I also need to catch up on blogging about what we've been doing lately! I always have so many ideas of things to post about :)

About Whole Grains -- from Elizabeth

 Did you know that whole wheat flour goes rancid within 72 hours of being ground, unless refrigerated? Why, then, do we see it sitting on the shelf right next to the [dead] white flour in most grocery stores?


Did you know that whole grain bread products made without preservatives will go bad within a week, unless frozen or refrigerated? Why, then, do the loaves of bread we buy from the supermarket seem to last for several weeks? Read the rest of what my friend Elizabeth wrote about whole grains!

Cooking Tips: How to obtain superior results when cooking


 Have you ever wondered what you really need to focus on so that your meals turn out great and new recipes don't always "flop"?

I don't profess to be an expert cook, but here are some of my tips for achieving great results in the kitchen! (Read the article!)