Eliyahu helps in the kitchen!

Yehoshua has been on "dishes duty" for well over a year now. At 2.5, he knows all about rinsing dishes, getting water all over the floor, using the sprayer, and getting clean towels out to wipe up his mess. He even puts the wet towels in the laundry for me when he's done!

I was beginning to think Yehoshua would never tire of washing dishes. I couldn't even turn on the faucet at the kitchen sink to wash my hands without having him run into the room saying, "Help dishes, Mama! Help dishes!" I guess once or twice a day just wasn't often enough!

But, in the past couple of weeks, Yehoshua's fascination with helping me wash dishes has been wearing off. Whereas he once came running to "help" as soon as he heard me start the dish water, these days he's content to just do other things. 

When I wrote about Yehoshua helping me in the kitchen, someone commented regarding young children washing dishes. My little guys don't exactly wash the dishes for me (wouldn't that be amazing if they did!Wink) but they do love to help!

Eliyahu is now 10 months old, and just had his first washing-dishes experience! Ten months isn't some magic age; it just happens to be the age where my babies were able to stand up to things and had enough balance that I wasn't worried about them falling off the chair while helping me. Neither Yehoshua or Eliyahu could walk at that age, and I keep a close eye on them when they're that little.

I gather all the dishes first, so I don't have to leave their side while they are helping. Gradually, they get older and to the point where they can even push the chair over to the sink when they want to help! And, of course, Yehoshua can climb up on the chair all by himself to help me now. :)

Here are a couple pictures of Eliyahu, the first time he got to help with dishes!

Eliyahu helps with dishes!!

"Look at all those dishes! I get to play with the plastic ones!"

You just do it like this......

"These are the water bottles... they are fun to play with!"

...and it's really the most fun I ever have these days!!!!

"I'm a big boy now!"

When my little guys started helping with the dishes, their little arms couldn't even reach to the bottom of the sink! Now, Yehoshua can even reach up and turn on the water! Surprised I'm not sure I like that! ;)

But what I do like, is, washing dishes beside my precious smiling little boys who beg to "help". :)


I love that smile! :-D He looks very happy to be helping wash dishes.


So sweet! I know Benjamin would love that too! :) I should try it, I just don't like having to clean up the wet floor afterwards. LOL But it all dry, so I should worry... :) Nathaniel helped me today in the kitchen, we had an enjoyable time together too.


He's so cute. And he has that 'I know I'm cute' look.

Oh, thank you girls! :) Eliyahu loves dishes. He cries whenever they're all finished and I have to get him down from the chair! Cry It's so sweet! Laughing

such a cute boy, and so is his brother. My 7 and 5-year-old girls totally agree with me :).

I would like to thank you for your postings, they're such an inspiration!

Thank you, Linda! :)

I hadn't seen this...may have been before I found you. This is the cutest picture! I wish I had one this of ds when was little. He really does look like he's having a ball.

Adorable and very inspiring!!!!


My 18 month old son, Benjamin, was at my mother's for a little while the other day when I had to go out, and when I got back he was stripped off down to the nappy (diaper), standing on a stool, up to his elbows in warm soapy water, pouring water between two coffee mugs, and having a whale of a time. I had never even thought of letting him do this, as he is always climbing at the moment, and I spend half my time pulling him down off various pieces of furniture!

My mother had a couple of damp towels out of the laundry basket around him on the floor, and I couldn't believe he was doing it! And not falling off the stool! lol

K Grant

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