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Too pretty!!

Joshua took this photo today, of a cheesecake we made. It was a joint effort, as I made the cherry topping last evening, and he made the cheesecake part this morning. Our neighbor dropped off some sour cherries, so I used those. And yes, the cheesecake tastes as good as it looks!!

So, besides cheesecake, what have we been eating? Well, Joshua made his awesome grilled salmon for me yesterday! It is always a treat for me when he makes it. I like it better than steak or chicken, even! I made some simple fried rice to go along with the salmon, and served peas with the meal.

We also tried a new recipe for cherry rhubarb dessert, which I thought was basically just a pie in a 9 x 13 dish. It was pretty good, but more work than I expected. Probably partly because I made the cherry pie filling from scratch. Pitting cherries is time-consuming! Anyway, I took the rest of that dessert over to my parents' house today for them to try. I know my mom really liked it... not sure about everyone else.

This evening's meal was chili and cornbread. Simple but tasty! The cornbread was especially easy because I already had the dry ingredients mixed together in a sandwich bag. All I had to do was crack 2 eggs, measure milk and oil, and grease the pan! Now, tell me how that could be harder than using a mix!?! Having my own "mixes" on hand sure is nice when I've been gone all day or didn't plan ahead like I should have. :)

And now it's time to head for bed... boy, I'm really tired!! I won't be walking tomorrow morning, though, because I hurt my ankle last night! I wonder if the children will let me sleep in past 6:15 am? :)


Oh Tammy! My little munchkin is sitting on my knee and saying over and over "cheesecake! cheesecake!" It looks mouthwateringly delicious, but as we have changed the way we are eating and slashing sugar consumption to almost zero as well as reducing fats, he won't be getting cherry cheesecake. Maybe cherries with yoghurt or in a pancake. Poor deprived little boy ;o) I love your site, Tammy :o) Ruth's recipe was fun too. I love to cook chinese as it stops us eating takeaways, so that will be my next chinese meal, I think.

Don't worry... Yehoshua doesn't get to eat much cheesecake, either :). I think the amount of dessert recipes on here so far is slightly misleading ;) Also, I wanted to let you know that we replaced the "comment" feature on recipes with a "review" feature, so any comments left were deleted. There are still comments on other types of posts, though. Just wanted to let you know since I know you left one that got deleted. :) Thanks for visiting! :)

That cheesecake looks really good! I think I will save some of the recipes from this site!

The cheesecake IS good. We need to start making something other than cheesecake though because this site is overrun with cheesecakes. Too bad we love them so much! haha :)

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