Eastern Shore Tea Company: Della Robbia Tea

As I was making my morning tea today, I was thinking about my new "tea" page here, and realised that the one tea review currently up isn't even tea, it's an herbal infusion! For a tea-lover like myself, this is almost sacrilege! So, I decided to review a wonderful tea blend by the Eastern Shore Tea Company: their Della Robbia.

Della Robbia teabag

My friend Nicole sent me this tea (she lives near Baltimore herself!) and I love it! It's black and fruity, with hazelnut tones. I don't think I've ever tasted a blend quite like this. Definitely a real treat!


I'm so glad that you like it. :) I was just in that store on Monday with my mother-in-law. I think the Baltimore Tea & Coffee Company is one of the niftiest stores ever!

I wish I could see that store... but I don't wish I lived in a big city :)

Ah. It's just a big suburb. ;)

Tammy, if you have more than one of those teabags, do you think you could save one wrapping for my collection? :-) I'd really apperciate that!

I have some wrappers to spare... I still save them all, just haven't had time to mail any to people for a while :). I'll be sure to put one of each empty aside to mail to you whenever I get around to it!

Thanks for commenting, and I like your user photo :D

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