Frugal Fridays: Baby Washcloths

Baby wash cloth from burp rag!

Homemade baby wash cloths the easy way...

Homemade baby washcloths

Here is a quick and frugal way to "recycle" baby bath towels into baby washcloths! These washcloths make the best cloth baby wipes, because they're small/thin and remove soil easily.* They also make great bath time washcloths!

To start, you will need at least one baby bath towel, preferably a terry cloth towel made of at least 80% cotton. You can use an old towel or any towel you don't want to keep for a bath towel. I was given a number of used baby bath towels, and some were rather thin, or small, and so I used those to make washcloths and saved the nice baby bath towels to use for drying.

1. Lay your towel out flat and decide how many squares you wish to cut from it. I prefer thin baby wash cloths that are about 8 inches square. This is usually about 9-12 washcloths per towel, depending on the size of the towel.

2. Using a sharp scissors, cut your towel into squares. You can leave the edging on the towel, but I do prefer to remove the hood part. I usually try to cut a triangular piece from the front of the hood for an extra "free" washcloth. ;)

Homemade baby washcloths!

If you used a towel that was a polyester/cotton blend, there should be no need to hem your washcloths. The first time they are laundered, they will shed a bit of lint from the edges. After that, they won't fray or shed hardly at all. I do have some that I have been using frequently for a couple years now, and the edges have worn a little. Hemming will extend the lifetime by a little bit, but if you are using old towels and want a quick "recycle", you needn't bother hemming them.

Baby wash cloth from burp rag!

Update a few years later:

I have also found terry cloth burp cloths at garage sales or thrift stores. Cut in half and hem the raw edge for a wonderful baby wash cloth! If you pay 10-25 cents for the burp cloth, you've just gotten 2 nice wash cloths for a great price! :)

*If you're already using cloth diapers, it's a breeze to use cloth wipes, too! Just wet the wash cloth with warm water and you're all set! The used wipes can be laundered with your regular loads of diapers. These cloth wipes work MUCH better than the standard disposable baby wipes! 

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baby wash cloths for baby wipes. But your idea is great too!! I have used baby wash cloths for wipes for years, I think it started with my second baby, she broke out in a terrible rash from the store bought baby wipes and I have just used them ever since. :)


They just work so much better, and I always wet mine with warm water from the faucet, which my babies love ;) No boughten wipes, no "wipes-warmer" contraptions, I'm so frugal! haha

Actually, you may remember how Eliyahu had severe diaper rash for weeks until we discovered that he was allergic to something in disposable diapers and switched to cloth. He hasn't had a rash since! I'm so thankful!

I do remember. I use warm water from the tap too. :) They never stain either...


Another thing I've learned since I made this original post:

Terry cloth burp rags make great wash cloths / baby wipes. Just cut the burp rag in half and hem the edge you just cut. Super quick and easy!

I've found lots of burp rags for very cheap at garage sales, and this is a great use for them! :)

My aunt used cloth wipes for her granddaughter.. we were able to get baby face clothes on sale in packs of 35 for $3 so thats what she used but also had dispossible ones for in the car for those just in case situations.. I've done the same..


When she had her first disposable diapers were just on the market. She received a pack of them for the shower. That was 1970.

There were no disposable baby wipes. So she just used wash cloths. She said the same thing, they work better! I have never used disposable wipes yet. When we are out and about I keep a wet washcloth in a plastic bag. VERY useful for sticky hands, and faces. I keep 3 in my purse. People will say "well you can make your own". Why? A does the trick, better, is my answer.

I always want to add, what do you wash your face w/? A baby wipe or washcloth? lol

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