We took a walk a few days ago, and Yehoshua insisted on pushing the stroller. They went in the ditch a couple times before I took over. 

Yehoshua and Eliyahu try to escape during our walk...

Yehoshua is his same old mischievous self these days, and more and more we catch him involving Eliyahu in his mischief. Yesterday we caught them BOTH going up the stairs. Eliyahu was only on the second step, thankfully! I guess our baby gates aren't going down anytime soon!!

Eliyahu wanted to drive their getaway vehicle, but had to taste the steering wheel first.

Yehoshua talked to Eliyahu and explained that drivers can't eat the steering wheel. Eliyahu decided to eat his drawstring pants instead.

Eliyahu figured out how to eat while driving, and Yehoshua kindly allowed him to keep one hand on the steering wheel.

This is as far as the door would go shut with them both inside there. Eliyahu sure does have a blast with Yehoshua. Thinks he's one of the "big boys" now. :D


They are such cuties! It is so cute to see them playing together like that isn't it? I always love to see mine playing together and taking care of one another. It grows sweeter each year!

Yes! It's so fun, especially now that Yehoshua can talk a little more, and it's sweet to hear him asking if Eliyahu can ride in his car with him. ;) I think children become more and more delightful and precious as the years pass, which hardly seems possible, yet it must be! ;)

They are such cuties! give them my address so they can come to my place!

Yehoshua still isn't 100% potty trained ;)

But I do think you guys could use a few more BOYS around your place!! :D

Awww, just to cute! What more can I say. :)


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