Joshua's transformation skillz

Joshua turned this:

Marinating steaks

into this:


Have I mentioned lately what an awesome cook my husband is?! I have been so blessed by his willingness to grill meat for me, or help make a dessert or side dish when company's coming.

Speaking of company, we had some yesterday. (I was going to blog about it last night, but I crashed my site. Still trying to get the bugs worked out before we start telling all our friends and family about this website.)

Well, here's a photo taken as we were getting ready to start eating lunch yesterday. My mom and sisters were our guests.

Enjoying the food...

I've been working on peas, and just got the last of them in the freezer. I decided to add a section for all my canning/freezing/dehydrating recipes. Since I'll be busy all summer and fall with stuff from the garden, why not? :)

I am SO excited about this blog and website. Joshua has put many hours into making me a functional, easy, and FUN site! He really gets all the credit for making this idea a reality for me! Thank you, honey!! :)

Well, Eliyahu is waking from his nap, so I will end here. Tonight I'll post a couple recipes and blog about what I made for lunch today!


That's a great picture of you all! And I like your shirt. ;-) Almost looks like E is matching you, too! :-D

I like that shirt, too ;)

That day we came over for lunch was delightful! The food definitely deserved praise!

We were glad you came. I think you look especially nice in the picture I posted, btw. :)

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