Dip, peas, potatoes, and chicken

Today was a nice relaxing Sabbath spent at home. I slept in and then we ate breakfast (Joshua had pan-scrambled eggs and I had mine with tomato) and went for a leisurely walk. There is a river about a mile away, and we walked there so Yehoshua could see the rushing water (we had a lot of rain this week!).

We came back home and had oatmeal for lunch, and then took naps. :) About 3 pm, I put a chicken in the oven, along with a dish of potatoes. By 6:00, our dinner was ready: oven-roasted chicken, snow peas, and oven-baked potatoes. Joshua had some leftover Italian bread with his plate, too.

Joshua's dinner plate

Yehoshua and I made some dill dip, and he got to eat some with carrot sticks. He had never gotten to have dip before, but quickly decided that he liked it and kept asking for more! :) Here's a picture of him enjoying it:

Yehoshua + dip = fun :D


Does he lick the dip off the carrots... and wind up eating twice as much dip as carrots? Lydia always did that. . . :)


...except that I don't let him ;) I make him eat a certain amount of carrots per scoop of dip ;)

It looks like Yehoshua likes dip almost as much as I do! :)

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