Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: How to easily remove homemade corn tortillas from a manual tortilla press

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

Manual corn tortilla press
Manual corn tortilla press

Our tortilla press works wonderfully, and here's part of the secret to getting thin corn tortillas that are easy to handle every time.

Tortilla press

Use two thin paper plates (or other thin cardboard) to cut circles the size of your tortilla press. Cover each plate with plastic wrap. Place these on your tortilla press with the dough between. After pressing the tortilla, gently peel the plates apart. If the tortilla is sticking to one of the plates, hold it upside down (tortilla on bottom) and tortilla should peel off easily without breaking.

Tortilla press

We've used these same plastic-wrap-covered plates for hundreds of tortillas. I like that I can press the tortillas really thin and still peel them off, since the plates are flexible.

We love our tortilla press! It is a painted cast iron and is very heavy which makes it easy to use. I just looked and found it on Amazon: Estrella tortilla press. Ours was a gift from my brother and sister-in-law in eastern Washington. They bought it at a Mexican food store and I believe it was $20-something dollars there. My parents have the same one, too. :)

I know there are quite a few different tortilla presses -- and some will cook the tortillas, too. I have only used the one we have, but I wanted something simple like that, without cords or fancy stuff. It's best for corn tortillas, not flour ones, but after having homemade corn tortillas those are our favorite, anyway. :)

Beans and tortillas for lunch
Beans and tortillas for lunch


I am loving this idea. I'll be giving it a try next time I make corn tortillas. I've tried so many things over the years and none have worked perfectly.

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to work on.inventories of those items at this time of year WashingtonontheBrazos, our Brenham hotel is close to everythingcoach lots of perks

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