Make-Ahead Crowd Pleaser: My Mom's Potato Salad

We had company last weekend. I've been out of practice with packing, moving, and unpacking. I kept thinking I would wait until it was "all done" before I extended invitations to any of our friends, but with Joshua's birthday coming up, he invited some friends over even though the living room wasn't "finished". Turns out, having company was the motivation I needed to move those boxes out to the garage and clear junk off the fireplace mantel. :)

I also did more than my usual (minimal) dinner that evening. I made some herbal iced teas, cut up a big watermelon, made my mom's potato salad, and got everything ready for the grilled salmon burgers Joshua was making. (We like to put lettuce, cheese, sweet onion, pickles, and mayo on our salmon burgers.) Ice cream sandwiches for dessert (with gluten-free cookies for our guest who eats gluten-free) were a good ending to a warm summer's day.

Ruth eating watermelon outside
Ruth (5) having an afternoon snack of watermelon this week (she loves watermelon like her mommy!)

Our guests were so appreciative of the meal! A "thank you" to the cook is always, always appreciated in my book. ;) Other bonuses: a clean house remained even after they had to leave for home, and a big container of leftover potato salad was in my refrigerator.

I can't even remember the last time I made potato salad. Somewhere along the way of trying to eat healthfully and not having as much time to cook and Joshua eating less in his lunchbox (cooked pinto beans and bananas) and making three-things-for-dinner, I stopped making things like potato salad.

But boy, we sure enjoyed that potato salad! The kids went crazy over it (Grandma's recipes are their favorite!) and I found myself enjoying it more than I ever recall enjoying potato salad before.

In fact, I'm saving the rest of my bag of potatoes to make potato salad again, for our company that's coming this Sunday. It was that good! Plus, it's a yummy summer-y dish that I can make ahead so I can relax and hang out with the company. They're bringing kids, and word is that there's going to be some Nerf and Capture The Flag in the back yard!

I took pictures of the potato salad this week, and finally got the recipe added here. If you're looking for a good old-fashioned everybody-loves-it potato salad, try my mom's potato salad recipe! :)

Another picture from our week:

Yehoshua with a magnifying glass
Yehoshua using a magnifying glass on the back patio. This never gets old!


Wow! Your kids are so much bigger than the last photos I've seen of them! :) Sounds like you guys have been having fun. I always love that clean house after company. he he

Looks so yummy. For the iced tea do you just make tea and put it in the fridge? I still love reading your blog:)

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