Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Heat corn tortillas on the stove top without a pan

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

One of Joshua's co-workers told him that she warms corn tortillas directly on the electric element of her cooking stove!

While I'm pretty happy with my makeshift cast iron "grill" method involving 2 pans stacked, Joshua was excited to try this daring new idea. ;)

It actually works really well and is handy if you're just warming a couple corn tortillas! They get toasty, browned, and have a good flavor. We've been using medium heat, and each tortilla takes a minute or two.

Corn tortillas on electric stove element

Use a metal spatula to flip or remove the tortillas. The burner gets pretty hot!

Don't leave the tortilla unattended on the burner! I'm pretty sure it would catch on fire. :O

Lamb tacos
We filled our corn tortillas with leftover grilled lamb... delicious!

Have any of you ever cooked directly on the stove elements? My sister-in-law has a flat-top electric stove and cooks her flour tortillas right on the stove top. For some reason, I had never thought of cooking anything on my electric elements... :)

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I am so going to try heating corn tortillas that way!

My 'tip'
De-stemming Kale (SimpleFoody)


brilliant idea for warming tortillas!

I'm sorry, I don't know how to make this into a hyperlink, but this is the URL for my blog post where I share a tip for peeling eggs : )

I like your tortilla tip! :P
My tip is how to make Hobo stew, which is my favorite meal for camping!

Hi Tammy, I throw corn tortillas on my stove burner all the time. I have a gas stove and it works great!

I toast hamburger buns on my glass stove top
turn the burner on low
lay the split bun cut side down on the burner until toasted.

Done this with my flour tortilla's for a long time. I use metal tongs to flip them. I do a bunch at a time and fold them in half on a platter so there ready to fill.I have a gas stove and it works great.

My ex-mother-in-law always said, "De tortillas need de fire' . So we always heated them up directly on the gas stove flame. It gives them a special flavor. Dolores Lynn

Hi Tammy! What a wonderful tip! I'd never thought of doing this before but I am putting it in my mental kitchen toolbox.

Here's my most recent Kitchen Tip that maybe you could include in your next Kitchen Tip post, thanks!

I have a gas stove and have always been nervous about heating things directly on the burner; I feel I'm too klutzy to survive that! But I've sometimes heated tortillas by placing them on top of the beans or whatever I'm cooking as burrito filling. The steam warms them and makes them more flexible in just 10-20 seconds--same as the microwave but with no extra energy use.

Thanks for hosting!

They're wonderful warmed on the grill too if you are grilling meat to accompany tortillas. My son-in-law did that at one of our family campouts. We've always had a gas stove and regularly heat ours that way and then put them into a tortilla warmer our daughter gave to us to keep them warm until we eat.

I have grilled pitas on the stovetop - very good with butter or to make a toasted deli sandwich. Yum!

I tried this and they stuck to my burners.... :-/

I make my own tortillas and I use coconut oil. When I put the tortillas in the fridge then, the coconut oil makes them hard. We have a glass top stove and we just quickly heat them up that way and they are soft and fresh feeling again! :)

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