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Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

I'm occasionally guilty of planning a main-dish menu for the week and when it's time to make dinner, I'm at a loss for sides. I'm prone to serving the same things over and over again. Cooked green beans... again? Okay, they were great the first 2 days... but by day 3, everyone wants something different. Something that actually goes with whatever meal I'm serving.

To combat the mental block that often accompanies my menu-planning attempts, I've started writing serving suggestions on my recipe cards. This is my way of remembering what made a good "main" food into a good meal.

Sometimes food packages will have serving suggestions on them, such as recipes or photos. I try to find (and remember) serving suggestions whenever possible!

Serving suggestions

What turned beef vegetable soup into the meal everyone loved? Hot fresh biscuits drizzled with butter and honey. (Fresh homemade wheat bread is another great option, if I plan ahead.)

What made my simple dinner of chili a hit? Having chopped onions, cheese, and fresh jalapenos, along with a sheet of oven fries on the side.

Serving suggestions: Write them on your recipes! :)

There's something else I like to write down these days, too. More on that tomorrow. No, not next week... tomorrow! Yes, I am blogging 2 days in a row. (Has anyone missed me? I hope so... I mean, I hope you're ready to read again. :D)

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Great idea, Tammy! I have started including them into my menu plan which helps, but sometimes when I am making my menu plan I have a hard time getting variety. I love the idea of writing them on a main dish recipe card. I should be better about including side dish suggestions on my blog recipes also.

Yes, I have missed you! I know things are busy for you, but I am glad to hear you are not giving up. My problem is that I often have ideas, but I don't always have the words to express them properly. It's hard to always be in a writing mood.

The tip I would like to share today is how to easily roll out pizza dough. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks, Heather! :)

I've missed you on My Fitness Pal. :) Hopefully this means you're doing great, not having to count calories, and keeping fit. :D

Sure missed you over here! I keep checking for updates, but I sure know that little ones are much more important! Looking forward to tomorrow's post.

Thank you! :)

Yes, I've missed your blogging! I especially enjoy posts about homekeeping.

I was inspired by your post on sprouting mung beans. I've got my first jar in my kitchen and after 2 days am delighted to see tiny sprouts beginning. We love bean sprouts and I never imagined it would be so easy to grow my own.

I hope to hear more from you!


Thank you, Sally! I hope you enjoy your bean sprouts. :) I should make some more of my own... they would probably be great added to stir fry veggies (to go along with all the fish we eat)! :) The nice part about having mung beans on hand is that I can make them whenever... I just need to remember they're in the pantry. ;)

I also missed your blogging....looking foreward to reading all your posts. I especially like reading about freezer cooking and meal planning!

Love that idea about the sides!

Today I'm linking up a post about my nourishing grocery shopping experience - and include a tip about using your smart phone to simplify making lists.

I do write side options (as well as other helpful notation, e.g., "a Husband favorite") right along with my recipes, though my recipes are stored digitally. :) The method does help!

-Hannah A.

I miss your blogging, but I know you are one busy lady!
Can't wait to see more from you!
Thanks for your hard work!

This is great! I will post as today's Daily Duh on FB and Twitter. :-)

I've missed you blogging. You always have such greats tips for me in the kitchen.

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