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Sometimes my thoughtless hurrying gets me into trouble! A couple weeks ago I was making blackberry pie for Eliyahu's 7th birthday. (He had requested pie instead of cake.) My Foolproof Pie Crust recipe calls for shortening, which I don't keep on hand, and so in recent years I'd been just using butter instead. But, an all-butter pie crust wasn't turning out as perfectly, so I decided to use coconut oil instead of the shortening called for in the recipe.

At first the dough was too soft, so I put it in the fridge... and got busy making dinner. Three hours later, it was rock-hard.

It ended up being tricky to work with and made only an okay crust. (Tip: Since I was using coconut oil in place of salted butter, I added extra salt to the crust. We can really tell a difference when a substitution is made for butter and additional salt isn't used.)

I had an audience while I was rolling out the pie dough and lining the pans. I suppose that's an indication of how rarely I attempt anything as time-consuming as a "real" pie these days.

Eliyahu's birthday pies

I was able to "wow" my audience when I took my difficult-to-work-with pie dough and instead of making a flat top for the pies, I made a lattice top with strips of dough. Tip: When you have pie dough that isn't cooperating, a lattice top can save the day!

Eliyahu had a marvelous birthday and the blackberry pie was so delicious that Ruth said it's what she wants instead of cake this week for her birthday, too. :)

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Pies are pretty rare around here too. I usually make a crumb topping for an easy fix, but my mom used to make lattice tops. I am embarrassed to say I can't remember if I have ever made a traditional top crust, but I am always impressed when I see a perfect pie.

The tip I would like to share today is a quick method for adding cooked apples to instant oatmeal.

Good Idea - I do that too. I either use all butter or coconut oil because I don't like to use shortening.

My tip is for an easy way to clean the microwave:


I have also been told by a friend who is a real baker that using 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and the rest butter makes the best pie crust. Tender, flaky and flavorful. I think she said any more than that and the coconut flavor is strong and the texture is too soft.

I use half butter, half coconut oil & find that it makes a super easy to work with AND flaky crust!

Aww, that's such a sweet picture! I guess that explains that day of the extra calories on myfitnesspal, you had a birthday celebration! Hope Ruth's day is just as fun and special as Eliyahu's. They are all getting so grown up, it seems like just a short time ago when Ruth was the newborn in your house! What a blessed home you have with all of your lovely children. :)

thanks for hosting Tammy.
your pies look delicious. Pie does not have to look like a magazine cover to be good.
happy belated Birthday to your son.


I share about how to keep plastic bags orderly

I love pies and making them. I've never thought about putting to soft of dough in the fridge, I will keep that in mind. And I've definitely used the lattice trick with tough pie dough. Like a charm!
My tip for this week, is How to Clean your Crock Pot.

they do look delicious. Pie crust isn't something I have mastered. Graham cracker crust on the other hand I can do.

I had a difficult crust the first time I tried the America's Test Kitchens food processor pie crust method (I obviously did something wrong because those folks don't publish flops!). My save was to pat the crust into individual jam jars and make pies in a jar--they were a huge hit and no one noticed the crust because of the adorable presentation. Also super great for portion control, I've taken to making and freezing a lot of desserts in 4 or 8oz jam jars, like cobblers and such. (Watch for Costco to have italian prune plums in the fall, they make out of this world crisp, they're cheap, low cal, and sadly only in season for about a month)

I may have seen your blog before, but only really seriously looked around a few days ago and had already decided to try a few of your recipes (the cream of chicken soup, for example) when I saw this post. JUST TWO DAYS AGO, I decided to use half coconut oi/half butter l in my apple pie crust (because of all of the reading about how good for you it is that I've done lately) and it was the PIE CRUST OF MY DREAMS!!! It seriously felt like I was finally eating the pie crust that I've dreamed of making/eating my entire life. I used King Arthur white wheat flour, frozen grated butter, coconut oil that I heated slightly so I wouldn't have lumps, and a little bit of sugar and salt. I could've eaten the entire thing in one sitting. It was the first time I'd ever made a lattice top pie. How eerie! It was like I had seen a glimpse of the future when I'd be reading this blog post and decided to copy you! haha

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