Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Fixing a cracked plastic kitchen trash can

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

This week's kitchen tip is so simple, but I wish I had thought of it weeks ago! It would have saved months of annoyance!

A repaired plastic kitchen trash can
My "recycle" trash can (read about the label on it here)

I have two plastic trash cans under my kitchen sink: one for trash and one for recycle. We've had them for many years now and with the constant use they get in the kitchen, the recycle trash can was cracked on several sides and even cracked half-way across one side. It was difficult to continue to use like that, so I went in search of a new plastic trash can at the store.

I went to one store but they didn't have the size I wanted for under the kitchen sink. Something too small, and we would be emptying it more than once per day. Something too big, and it wouldn't fit under the sink (key to keeping little hands out of the trash can and making the kitchen look tidy).

A repaired plastic kitchen trash can

Then I spied duct tape. Duct tape can fix anything, right? And surely it couldn't hurt to try fixing a very broken kitchen trash can before it ended up in the trash itself!

I started taping and was VERY pleased with the results. The trash can is very sturdy again and appears to have quite a bit of use in it yet. I wish I had thought to take a "before" picture, because it looked pretty bad! I'm not worried about the appearance of duct tape since this will be hidden behind a cupboard door. Although, a bright colored duct tape might have been fun! ;)

I'm excited that I get to keep using my perfect-sized trash can and it's not going to the landfill. :D

A repaired plastic kitchen trash can
One of the side cracks, which ran across 2 sides of the trash can

A repaired plastic kitchen trash can

The handles were starting to break on my other kitchen trash can, so I went ahead and duct-taped them to prevent the cracks from getting worse.

A repaired plastic kitchen trash can

Do you have broken plastic trash cans in your kitchen? Have you ever used duct tape on them?! :)

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Duct tape is my best friend. :-). My vacuum cleaner is holding together with duct tape right now.

Hi Tammy!

I have a load of tips in this posts - if you are OK sharing a list of Top 10's from 2012.

1. Natural Blue Food Color
2. DIY Egg Replacer
3. Easiest Almond Milk
4. Easiest Coconut Milk

Whatever you decide is fine with me :-).

My husband uses it on everything.It holds great.

My tip is about how cutting/slicing/dicing/chopping your own produce and other grocery items can save lots of money! thanks for hosting :)

Yes duct tape does fix almost everything. We've used it on a lot of things. So far no trash cans.

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