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Wheat Free Pepperoni!!

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Wheat Free Pepperoni!!

This is what I was looking for, a wheat free pepperoni. It's hard to find in the stores, and I'm not real fond of paying the crazy price for it when I do find it. I make donair meat (probably a Nova Scotian, east coast Canadian favourite) all of the time, and it's basically the same concept. Mine is currently in the oven and will be done in 8 hours, but I wanted to say that going in, it smelled like the real deal. I know with donair meat, the longer it sits, especially after it's cooked, the better texture and flavour it gets.

For Mike Feeling Old and his quest for food safe tube - not sure if he considers plastic wrap food safe or not, but that's what I did to make my rolls. I just put a bunch on a sheet and formed it as best I could. Then I rolled the wrap around it and proceeded to continue to roll it (imagine using a rolling pin, that's what it looks like). Then I just picked it up and put it in the tray, and began to unroll the wrap - the roll of pepperoni was perfectly shaped.

Thanks for sharing!!