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2 for 1: Zoj Question and Milled Grain Question

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2 for 1: Zoj Question and Milled Grain Question

Hi Tammy!
I just got a grain mill AND a Zojirushi bread maker for Christmas, and I followed the Breadbecker's recipe to the "T", but it resulted in a disaster in terms of texture and it didn't rise, and I didn't like the flavor of their recipe (very strong yeast flavor) - so here are my questions about your recipe, because I hate wasting the grain and I hate to disappoint my little one who is looking forward to learning how to bake bread himself - how was that for a long sentence :)?

1) Which setting do you use on the Zoj when using the milled grain? The Breadbeckers do a homemade setting with specific times for each rise/bake, so I wanted to see what you do. It seems like the point of the bread maker is to not have to take it out and bake it in an oven...? But if I have to, so be it.

2) Will Soft White Wheat be a disaster because it's too soft? I really want a fluffy, soft loaf and I'm scared to use hard white or the red.

3) Do you think I absolutely have to substitute in the gluten with the milled grain to get the fluff I'm looking for? I try to avoid extra gluten for health reasons.

4) If I'm milling my own grain, just use 3 cups of it? ...instead of 1.5 and 1.5?

Thank you so much!