Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Tip for making darker coffee in a drip coffee maker

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

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At home, I love making coffee with my Aero Press. But, I didn't bring it with me on this trip to my parents' house. Even though it's small enough to easily take traveling, I don't drink coffee daily and already had tons of stuff to bring for 6 people. :)

Drip coffee maker tip

Here at my mom's house, I've been using their drip coffee maker. At first, the coffee tasted watery to me. It seemed like the first coffee dripping through had hardly "brewed" at all!

My solution?

Use two coffee filters instead of one. The coffee filters more slowly and is much darker and stronger.

Does anyone else use two coffee filters instead of one? :)

Drip coffee maker tip
Costco coffee I brought with me as a gift, and Starbucks coffee from my sister


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I'll try that tomorrow!

We are going to have to try that! Did you have any fear that the coffee would run over the top of the filter basket? I think it may freak my husband out to do this!

I tried this over the weekend (watching the pot to make sure it wouldn't overflow while dripping) and it worked great. I have a pot that uses a cone filter, but I also have some old basket filters laying around, so I put in a basket filter, then a cone on top of it. Worked fine. Great tip!

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