Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Emptying soup base jars

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

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Here's an easy way to completely empty a jar of soup base.

Empty soup base jar

When the jar of soup base is finished, scoop some hot broth out of your pot of soup and add it to the soup base jar. Swish the broth in the jar to melt any bits of soup base that were left, and then add back into your soup.

Empty soup base jar

I'm still on vacation for another week. Having internet access limited to just 30 minutes per week is rather... limiting for blogging purposes. ;) It's good for other things though... like:

Channah and my mom

Channah (9 months) and my mom :)

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Hello Tammy.

If you think this would be helpful to your readers, please share.

It's a way to make a sugar substitute that is low carb, no calorie and no glycemic index. You can bake with it.

Blessings and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

haha... limited blogging time is indeed for other better things. Found your blog via your sister's. Both great sites. I do the same thing with remnants of miso paste. Just swish around and we get ourselves a pot of yummy soup.

Is your mom Amish, Mennonite or what religion? Like your practical tips!!

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