Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Natural peanut butter mixing tip

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

Joshua went to the linen closet/pantry to retrieve something and proclaimed, "You're a genius!"

While this trick hardly makes me a genius, it is worth sharing for those of you who use natural peanut butter which separates in storage. :)

I buy the big jars of Adams peanut butter from Costco, and getting a new jar "ready to serve" used to require some serious stirring power. The jars are also filled quite full so I usually ended up with sore hands, an oily drippy jar, and maybe even a bent metal spoon by the time it was finally mixed!

Now, I know some people have a special peanut-butter-stirring device, but I don't normally go for single-purpose items. (Plus, I don't think those stirrers come with a variable lid size, and my jars have huge lids.)

Others recommend dumping the whole jar of peanut butter into a big bowl and using the mixer to stir it, then returning to the jar. I don't mind dishes but that still sounds like a lot of bother to me!

Store natural peanut butter upside down for easy mixing when ready to use

My solution -- recommended by a reader, if I recall -- is: Store natural peanut butter in the jars upside down. When ready to open and use, it will be much easier to stir because all the oil will have separated to the bottom instead of the top! :)

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Hey Tammy, my tip this week is about prepping food ahead of time! :-)


This is about my new favorite flour! Thanks!

I'd like to add my tip:

Thank you, Tammy.

Here's a kitchen tip about internal bread temperature! A no-fail way of knowing your bread is baked all the way through. :)

I just use a hand mixer with only one attatchment. It's so easy. I usually use the dough hook attatchment that came with it to stir it with. Just instead of using 2 I use one so it will fit.

Me too! The mixer goes right into the jar, no mess.

I can totally relate to the oily hands and bent spoon! I am going to turn all of my peanut butter jars upside down right now. Thanks for the great and simple tip.

We store our peanutbutter like that also. However, we have found that it is still SO MUCH faster to use the mixer! All the time that it takes to mix by hand can be shortened and worth any amount of hassel, especially when you have hungry kiddos that want to eat! You should try it just once to see if it will really save time for you. The brand we use is usually really hard to "cut" through and takes a lot of time to mix. ;0)

Another no mess way to mix up the peanut butter it to roll it back and forth across the counter, before you open it. My husband calls it the paint can method! But you could even let your little children roll it around the floor while it was still sealed and rinse the jar off and open it! Tada! Mixed up peanut butter! Karen in St Louis

Oh my goodness! I have known all day today that I need to open our new, big, jar of peanut butter - but I've been putting it off. Now I'm on my way to turn it upside down!

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