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Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

After a gorgeous Summer, Fall is upon us here in the Pacific Northwest! The breeze is chilly and a few dry leaves are littering our yard. If I leave a window cracked overnight, the house is cold when we get up. (Okay, 60's isn't really cold, but we've been spoiled with warmth the past few months!)

I've been enjoying making hot tea or coffee in the mornings again. I absolutely LOVE the AeroPress coffee maker that Joshua gave me on my birthday last year! One of my friends gave me this tip for brewing coffee:

Add a pinch of salt to ground coffee before brewing, then brew as usual. The bit of salt makes a smoother, less bitter cup of coffee.

I normally like salt in my food (I add it to my morning oatmeal without fail!) so as soon as I heard this tip I knew it was the thing I needed to change about my morning breakfast.

Salt and cinnamon added to my morning coffee grounds

I've already tried adding ground cinnamon and other spices to my coffee beans before brewing, and salt is the perfect finishing touch!

Do you add salt to your coffee? :)

Bonus picture:

Sweet sisters, Ruth and Channah :)

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My boyfriend is sort of a coffee diva...he has more different ways to make coffee than most coffee shops :D I've never heard of adding the salt thing...but I'm gonna try it next time I make coffee and see what he thinks!

Greetings, Tammy!

Here's my way to make Easy Celery Salt and a bunch of ways to use it:

When I was 14 or so, my parents would get me to make their coffee on the weekends. I hated doing it because I didn't drink coffee yet. I used to put things in the grounds, like salt or lemon juice, so that they would think my coffee was nasty and make it themselves. I guess I know now why that never worked...

Love the bonus picture!
I will have to try a pinch of salt in the coffee grounds. I'm one of those don't knock it till ya try it kind of people. Thanks for the post.

Your kids are so cute!!!! Thanks for the tip on the coffee!

Here is my tip:!/2012/09/pitting-cherries.html

That sounds great! What a great tip. Your kids are super cute too!

Here is my tip:!/2012/09/softened-butter.html

Hi Tammy :)

My post this week is about peeling tomatoes!


We love love love our Aeropress! I've been enjoying Pumpkin Spice Lattes this week.

Today I gave a few tips for cooking with cast iron!

Thanks for hosting!


While I was a waitress in college a couple of decades ago, I was taught to put salt in the coffee. I still do it to this day. It really does make a difference. Glad to see someone does this too. I was beginning to think it was just the small town, little diner where I use to work.

What a coincidence! My tip is about coffee too! :) It's how to make ice coffee a little healthier. Thanks for hosting!

I can't believe I've never thought to try that! Definitely adding a pinch of salt tomorrow morning.

My post today is about making homemade salad dressings to save money AND it's much healthier.


Wait- doesn't your coffee taste salty?

I don't really drink coffee, but I've heard of the salt thing before I've read that it's common in Ethiopia, as is adding a little butter to your coffee.

Such beautiful girls and they look so very happy! I love their complexions and pretty blue eyes. Channah looks like a little doll.

I'll have to try the salt in my coffee. Interesting, I never thought of that!

I do Time-saver Tuesdays on my site.
This one is on using recipe bases.

Thanks for sharing your recipes and tips!

I haven't been visiting blogs in forever and the last time I was here, Moshe was the newest member. What a beautiful family you have! I am looking forward to delving through your recipes once again!!

Cari @ TheGrayNest

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