Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Freezing bananas for smoothies

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

Banana almond smoothie

Ripe bananas are easy to freeze for later! You can use frozen (thawed) bananas for baking, but my favorite use for frozen bananas is smoothies.

Tip: For easier smoothies, freeze ripe bananas in ice-cube-sized chunks on a cookie sheet. After the chunks are frozen, store in a ziplock freezer bag and use as needed for smoothies.

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Last weekend I tried both blanching the tomatoes to get the skin off and also using a food mill. Which worked better?

Have you ever made banana icecream??? Freeze bananas, puree in food processor until the texture of soft serve, eat immediately or freeze for a few minutes if too soft. First time I read about it I thought gross, baby food! But it doesn't turn to goo, it really has a perfect soft serve texture. Super yummy! (And goes really well with your blackbean brownies!) I keep a little tub in the freezer for sugar craving emergencies, just a couple bites keeps me from reaching for something I'll regret.

Yes, actually! I like to use frozen bananas, milk, cinnamon, and vanilla extract. Yummy!! :)

Good morning. Here is a link for making your own ricotta cheese at home. Thank you so much for hosting!

Hey, Tammy!
I posted my kitchen tip -
"Freezer Inventory"
and a free download!

Bonnie :)

Funny story. the other week a friend of mine made a smoothie for her husband. After taking a sip he made a face and said it tasted like lunch meat. She tasted it and it did! She had been in a frozen hot dog instead of a banana! I know, hard to understand, but she posted a picture of the frozen hotdogs on facebook, and they did look similar to bananas.

Here's a great recipe for Homemade Yogurt!

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