Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Dishwasher air-dry dishes tips

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I like to use my dishwasher's "air dry" setting rather than the heated drying option. Especially in the warmer months, when our windows are open a lot and the house is already plenty warm, there's no need to produce more heat (and use extra electricity) just to dry dishes!

Dishes drying in a dishwasher

Two tips for air drying dishes in the dishwasher:

1. Run the dishwasher at the end of the day, so the dishes have lots of time to dry. I'm able to cram a whole day's dishes into the dishwasher (minus pans and other large items which I wash by hand) and run it once a day, in the evening. This gives the dishes all night to get really dry.

2. When the dishwasher's wash cycle is complete (no need to wait through the "dry" cycle), open the dishwasher. Pull out the racks and pick up the plastic items, or anything with ridges that collect pools of water, and shake off the excess water. Then set those things back on the rack to finish drying.

Doing this speeds up the drying process and eliminates the problem of waking up the next morning with lots of half-wet dishes still in the dishwasher! :)


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Good idea! :) My post is about peeling tomatoes:

I posted about toddlers helping with chores--in the kitchen, too! This tip has helped me a lot.

I used to do this also. I think it save money on electricity. And in the winter helps heat the house :)

My husband calls me the "master dishwasher loader". If it needs to be put in there, I can find room! It's all about reorganization. Good tip, I'll have to try that. I really don't like getting the heat blast when I open it anyway!

Here's a meatloaf tip:


I need to start doing this! I have no system right now for dishes - just whenever, however . . . and I pretty much always use the hot dry feature:(

I've been making granola in my slow cooker and it's super easy!



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