Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Tips for making fried eggs in a stainless steel skillet

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

I've been using stainless steel cookware for years, and I love it. We bought our cookware 4 years ago and it gets tons of use and performs wonderfully for everything I've tried.

Before "the nice stuff", I had some older stainless steel cookware from a garage sale and a few Teflon pieces from another set we had purchased. The Teflon was flaking but...

One of my fears about getting rid of every last piece of Teflon cookware in my kitchen was... making eggs.

Omelet, made on stainless steel

I grew up scrubbing eggs off of a stainless steel skillet after breakfast on the weekends. The "egg skillet" was the worst dish to wash, and getting married and (subsequently) having Teflon for cooking eggs was my dream-come-true as a dishwasher.

When I originally posted my tips for cooking with stainless steel cookware, I hadn't figured out how to make eggs without a big stuck-on mess.

Scrambled eggs in stainless steel cookware

Thanks to my fabulous readers, I learned the secret to making scrambled eggs on stainless steel without them sticking! Seriously, it still makes me smile when I pull off scrambled eggs (or an omelet!) and they're not burnt or stuck and the skillet is super easy to wash afterward.

However, it wasn't until last week that I mastered fried eggs in stainless steel. Those pesky little guys always stuck and often broke and were just generally a pain to try to make. I basically never made fried eggs for this reason.

Last week, Joshua mentioned that he was getting tired of hard boiled eggs. (I serve him 1 hard boiled egg every morning with his oatmeal for breakfast.) Neither of us really love hard boiled eggs, but they are easy and... easy. Joshua said he'd like to try a fried egg instead.

I remembered that my sister Bonnie had posted tips for making fried eggs. With just a few tweaks to my previous method, I turned out some perfect fried eggs... and I spent 0 minutes scrubbing my skillet afterward.

How to make perfect fried eggs in a stainless steel skillet:

1. Preheat empty skillet over medium-low heat.

2. Lightly spray skillet with oil. (I use a Misto.)

3. Crack egg(s) into skillet. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.

4. Reduce heat to low; cover skillet with lid. Cook for several minutes, checking for desired doneness.

Flipping the egg(s) is optional. When cooked at the lower temperature, very little egg should stick to the skillet.

After removing egg(s) from skillet, run a little water into the skillet (enough to cover the bottom) to soak. Within minutes or hours (or however long it takes you to get to your dishes... hopefully not days!) anything stuck on the skillet will be completely loose and can be wiped away... no scrubbing!! Yay!

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Thanks for sharing the tip about eggs! I discovered that my flat top stove was terrible for cooking eggs in my stainless steel pans, but when we switched to a gas stove it worked so much better.

Wow those are beautiful pictures of eggs!

I left a few tips for cooking roast today!

Thanks for hosting!

Tara @ Simply Made Home

Oh my word! Now I'm super hungry for eggs!!!

I'm sharing a short video I made on how I like to peel and cut a peach:

Rebekah from Simply Rebekah

Great tips, and thanks for sharing my ideas as well! (Or, Bogdan's ideas! :-))

Here is my post this week - about packing healthful lunches for work!


What a great (and practical!!) tip! I have to admit that cooking eggs was one of my least favorite things to do simply because of the insane amount of work it took to get the pan clean. Now I want to try some scrambled eggs for breakfast! :-)

Hi Tammy,

Thank you so much for this post! I pinned it so I don't forget your technique. I have had great success using commercial cooking spray for fried eggs, but have failed miserably trying to use a real oil spray. I can't wait to try your method. Also, my youngest son loves scrambled eggs, but I hate making them because of the clean up. I missed your earlier post on that, so I am so excited for that tip as well.

Today I would like to share how to use bulgar wheat to stretch ground beef in your meals.

Thanks for sharing!

(Forgive me if I already submitted this comment. I think I somehow exited your page without submitting.)

Tips on what produce to buy organic and which ones you don't have to! Thanks for hosting!

Love your posts as always! Thanks for hosting!/2012/08/homemade-cake-and-frosting.html

We have our own chickens so we have lots of eggs to use your technique! Thanks for hosting!!/2012/08/flipping-pancakes-easily.html

Have you ever tried cast iron? It is heavy but once seasoned properly there is absolutely nothing better! Fried eggs are a breeze and a lot quicker than what you described! :)

Don't get the cheap chinese/taiwanese stuff. Get USA made ones and you will love it. You can buy a #10 (12 inch) preseasoned Lodge at Walmart for about $20. These are pretty good, but when it comes to skillets, the best is old, old, old. My favorite pans were found at antique stores and are 100 years old. With proper care they will last literally forever. Griswold and Wagner are some of the easiest to find (they can be collectable but are still comparable to a new Lodge). They are smooth as silk on the inside and beautiful for non-stick cooking. Always use wooden utensils (you could also use plastic, but they can melt into the food - yuck!). When buying old cast iron, make sure it isn't warped. There is a misconception that you can throw cast iron in an open flame or put a cold pan over high heat. This can easily warp the metal. You should always heat it up over a low heat until it is nice and hot, then cook as normal, then let it cool down before cleaning. Never put a hot pan in cool or even warm water - that will warp or even crack the pan. Never wash cast iron with soap. If something sticks, just let it sit in hot water for a few minutes and then iwpe out. Put it back on the stove and coat lightly with cooking spray, oil, or I use shortning (this is the seasoning process). There are lots of good videos on youtube about proper care for cast iron.

Seriously, cast iron has changed my life and I recommend it to anyone/everyone. I know you love your stainless steel, but I think cast iron is a million times better. Get one pan and give it a try. I have never looked back.


Great tips, and that steak and veggie omelet is on my list to make this weekend. You take the best food pictures, Tammy!

Thanks for hosting! This is my first time linking up! I'm sharing 7 unexpected uses for ice cube trays. It's 7 tips in one! :)

Yesterday I posted some great tips on Cooking with Cast Iron and Getting Creative with your Grilled Cheese Sandwich making :) It's all about Creative Living and having fun .

How do you feel your omelets hot while you prepare the other omelets? Like you I have multiple children and can't figure out how to get them all done and keep the first ones hot? Tips on how to keep pancakes and waffles hot while waiting without getting soggy would be great too. : ) Thank you so much!

It works - really well! I have a hard time getting my cast iron to not overcook because it retains heat so well and even if I turn the heat down, it keeps cooking it higher than I want, but I heated my unused stainless steel pan, put a pat of butter in, eggs, lid and lowered heat, flipped and it was absolutely perfect.
And to the person who asked how to keep omlets hot - my Mother served them to us off the oven so we ate in 5 minute shifts. Same with waffles and pancakes. We have never been a "wait around so everybody can eat at exactly the same time" family with 7 hungry adults to feed. :)
For lunch and supper, yeah we ate together, but breakfast we ate things hot. I love a crispy pancake or waffle right off the oven and the carbs just weren't eating when it got soggy.

Hi Tammy! I just bought a Misto last month at Costco and have been using it almost every day. However, I filled it with sunflower oil and noticed that my eggs stick to the pan much easier than when I bought nonstick spray. The next oil I plan to try is grapeseed.

So, what type of oil do you use in your Misto? I think it might make a difference.

I know this is an old post, but I use SS also. Use Bar Keepers Friend to clean SS. Works great and keeps pans nicely polished, which is key to use SS. My husband makes spaghetti sauce loaded with Parmesan cheese and the pan is literally coated in stuck on cheese. After washing out the pan, sprinkle in the BKF and scrub the remaining residue off. I only use a washcloth with netting on one side and I have no problems cleaning the pans.

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