Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Summer produce tips (Eat Well, Spend Less)

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

Last night, I forgot I had 5 kids ages 8 and under, and I made a to-do list for today:

Cook beans
Give girls baths
Wash sheets
Clean rug (that Moshe squirted soap onto... 2 weeks ago...) and hang to dry
Do school (3 kids)
Send card to my brother
Weed flower beds
Walk to the library
Make dinner
Order photo prints
Write Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

Sounds reasonable, right? I wasn't including breakfast or lunch, 12 diaper changes, lots of baby-holding and nursing, and a general lethargy induced by a very messy house. :O

Only half of my list got done today, and it wasn't even the fun stuff. :P I guess that's a good thing though -- it means the fun stuff (like walking to the library!) is left for tomorrow. :D

Last week I shared 10 Easy Ways to Eat More Veggies. That night, I served grilled burgers for dinner. The only side dish was a bowl of fresh cherries. I'm sounding more and more like superwoman, aren't I? ;)

So, I'm not sharing any revolutionary kitchen tips this week. Instead, let me point you to some great tips from the Eat Well, Spend Less team:

Tips for using your CSA share (or any good produce sales!) from Life As Mom

Jessica has appealing and practical tips as usual!

Ways to use zucchini from Life...Your Way

I love zucchini and pretty much ALL of those zucchini dishes look amazing to me!

Fermenting your own vegetables from Kitchen Stewardship

Katie gives step-by-step photos and instructions for making kimchi (and more).

Garden-fresh pepper salsa from Kingdom First Mom

Salsa is a great way to use fresh fruits or veggies!

Sweet Cherry Plum Jam from Simple Bites

Anything Aimee cooks is something I'd love to be eating. :)

To Participate in Kitchen Tip Tuesdays:

Post a kitchen tip in your blog. Link to this post, and then leave your link in a comment here, so we know where to find YOU! :) No giveaways or non-tip posts, please! We need to be able to easily find/see what your kitchen/cooking tip is. :) Thanks for your participation! :)

Leave your tip links in a comment. I'll manually add them to this post!

1. Freezing and storing berries (Whole New Mom)
2. Tip for vintage recipes (Trial and Error Home Ec)
3. Resources for what's in season (The Local Cook)
4. Peeling fresh tomatoes (Mamal Diane)
5. 5 Ways to Make Healthy Choices Less Painful (Feel Good About Dinner)
6. Freezing mushrooms (Recipes Happen)
7. Extra use from the coffee grinder (Simply Made Home)
8. Real food snack tips (Simply Made Home)
9. Composting ideas (Living So Abundantly)
10. Spices (Sunny Side Homestead)
11. Potatoes in the crock pot (Wholesome Homemaker)


Greetings, Tammy!

Here's my post on How to Freeze and Store Berries.

Blessings on you and yours.

Here's a tip on how to use vintage recipes:

continuing in the produce theme . . .

Good morning. I am a new visitor. I am sharing how to peel fresh tomatoes. Thanks for hosting :) Have a fantastic day!

I can totally relate to your day. Thanks for sharing the Eat Well Spend Less links. I look forward to checking them out. I also pinned your chicken and squash recipe. That looks amazing! I think I saw all of the ingredients in your food log recently and now I know how to make it. :)

My tip for today is 5 ways to make healthy choices less painful.

Thanks so much for sharing!

Yes! We had it last week... SO yummy. :)

Loved reading your healthy-eating tips today! :)

Hey, my tip is about freezing mushrooms! :-)

Thanks, Tammy!


That for sharing your humaness with us! We all make those lists sometimes. Congrats though for getting through half of it (and starting with the not so fun stuff!)

I have a couple of tips today. The first is getting an extra use out of the coffee grinder!

And the second is about real food snacks!

I love your site! I hope that you are having a great summer!

Tara @ Simply Made Home

Thanks, Tara! :)

(the photo in your post reminded me of a little tip I use for removing cherry pits..) You know those plastic cups that everyone has these days? (the re-usable, with lid, sturdy straw and possibly a no-slip grip?) well, instead of investing the money into buying a separate tool that only pits cherries, I use that sturdy straw from my re-useable cup... from the bottom I just pierce it through and out comes the pit and the stem (to keep from getting cherry juice all over, do over a bowl or sink :-) ) this also works really well for stemming strawberries. So if you're frugal like me, and always think half-way through cherry season "I should really get a pitter.." you might consider this little tip to use something you probably alreay have in your home :-)

Oooh, I'll have to mention this to Joshua. We usually pit by hand... but most of our cherries end up just being eaten fresh. We love fresh fruit!! :)

Most of my days seem to go like that, and I don't even have kids! So yeah, you od sound like super woman to me!

Not sure if this counts as a tip or not since it's actually a recipe.

I love making lists. ;) Even if you only get ONE thing done, it's one thing done that might not have been. You have your priorities straight, which is what your kids will remember the most. =D

My post is about composting ideas:

Okay, true. :) Thanks for the encouraging words! :D

I think the dark dreariness of yesterday was making me very slow and unmotivated. Usually my lists are a little more realistic, too... like "Laundry, Dinner". Haha! :D

This post sounds like some of my days. ;) I posted about spices:

...that you 'forgot' you had 5 kids 8 and under. :-)

Lists can be good sometimes though because even if you only got half of it finished, it means you actually got quite a bit done!


Oh man, my to-do list is pretty much always way too long! I started making my to-do lists for two days. I just can't seem to make a reasonable list.

My tip today is to use your slow cooker to make baked potatoes. It keeps the kitchen cool, or just frees your oven to use for other things.

Thanks for hosting!


I can so relate to your busy days with lists included. I like being busy, I guess that's a good thing! Making it through half of the list is impressive in itself. Enjoy your walk to the library and you'll also be able to log that exercise on MyFitnessPal so you are getting even more out of it than fun. :) I hadn't heard of MyFitnessPal before you mentioned it on the blog and after checking it out I decided to join. I've already had success and it's inspiring me to exercise more. Thanks for telling us about it. That chicken squash bake looks fantastic. I will bookmark that and make it soon. You take the best food pictures and your presentations are so appealing.

Sydney, that is great to hear! :) I joined My Fitness Pal due to my waning motivation for calorie-counting, and while it has made it fun to track calories and nutrition, I think the biggest benefit for me has been the exercise I've been getting! :) So glad you're enjoying it too. :)

My top 15 items I buy for real food, clean eating at Costco!

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