Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Tip for garden-fresh salad dressing

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

This week's kitchen tip is short and sweet. (I'll be honest, I've been busy enjoying summer and spending time on My Fitness Pal!)

Garden fresh lettuce

My brother gave us a bunch of fresh lettuce from their garden! I love it. My mom gave me this tip for serving garden lettuce:

When making homemade dressing for garden lettuce, reduce the amount of water in the recipe. Then when you wash your garden lettuce, you won't need to bother drying it and the water left on the leaves won't water down your dressing! :)

My mom's vinegar and oil dressing recipe is here; that's the one she always makes for big garden salads. :)


July has brought warm summer sunshine to Seattle! Here's Moshe, asking me to put his shoes on so he can go outside. He looked so cute, I had to grab the camera before I put his shoes on him. :)

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Here are a dozen uses for the punch bowl languishing in your cabinet:


Recipes Happen: How I [Easily] put more vegetables into my diet!


That is a great tip! ;) I love a fresh salad, especially in the summer.

My tip is about thawing food without wasting time and energy:

Your mom sounds like a wonderful woman. Here is my tip on cutting spaghetti quickly for kids:

Great idea re: the water on the lettuce! We tried growing spinach this year for the first time... so far, so good!

My tip is on freezing green beans.


We love to grow leaf lettuce in our garden (although it isn't doing very well this year with our heat wave). It does take a lot of washing and is hard to get dry. Great tip about the dressing! Thanks.:)

Today for my tip I would like to share some meal ideas that don't require the oven.

See, I always worry about getting the lettuce dry enough. It never even occurred to me to just roll with the moisture!

My post today is about upgrading spaghetti to make it a healthier meal.

And, it reshares a tip I learned through Kitchen Tip Tuesday, via the Newlyweds Blog!


Just thought that I would leave a couple of tip posts.

I show here how I freeze zuchinni. (I love that you don't have to cook it first! Freezing it flat is so great for storage and thawing.)

I also give some tips here how to incorporate real foods into breakfast.

Here's a kitchen tip and it's my very first vlog :)

Love my fitness pal! What is your username? Can you add me, my name is crunchymama4.

Hi Tammy,

I just wanted to let you know I put up a post about how we make our grilled hamburgers, what kind of meat, etc. for Kitchen Tip Tuesday tomorrow, if you are having it.


here is the link:

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