Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Bottles of oil that don't oil your cupboard shelf

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

I've been searching for a good solution for oil bottles for a long time. I try to be diligent about wiping any drips after using oil, but somehow oil still ends up on my cupboard shelf.

Olive oils

One of my solutions: Place an old t-shirt or other rag on the shelf under the oil bottle to catch drips. This works pretty well unless you have messy cooks in your kitchen who let the rag get bunched up... or your oil is on a high shelf where you can't even see the rag when you're putting the bottle away... Then you end up with an oily rag in the back of your cupboard and an oily shelf too. ;)

A tip I just read in Taste of Home (August/Sept 2000 issue), which I plan to try:

Cut the toe off of a clean white athletic sock and slip it over your bottle of olive or vegetable oil. It catches drops of oil that may run down the side of the bottle and prevents the bottle from getting slippery.

I may need to use an old baby t-shirt for my Costco-size jugs of oil, though. ;) I have a huge bag of rags so I'll surely come up with something that fits! :)

And lastly, if you're the crafty sort (and don't mind the thought of lovely yarn getting all oily), here's a free pattern for a knitted Olive Oil Drip Catcher! :)

Do you have any good oil bottle tips? I'd love to hear! :)

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Hi Tammy -

My kitchen tip is about boiling and peeling eggs. So the yoke won't be that icky green color, and the shell will come off with ease.



Good morning, Tammy.

I am sharing a Q&A post that includes tips on Saving Money on a Special Diet.

I hope that works for you, but if not that's fine.


I keep a plastic container that is shallow (or trimmed down) and resembles the shape of the oil bottle... like a rectangular oxyclean container or wipee box for my oblong oil container... and put it inside it on the shelf. That way the container is easily washed out when needed and I can just take out the container when I use the oil. I do this with honey as well, which works perfectly because as the honey is used we can store it upside down in its plastic container for easy squeezing :o) Also, because I can get them for "free" by recycling, I don't have to purchase anything, really. Because it's not a sock or a cloth remedy, I don't have to have anything oily go into my laundry, either.

Here's what I do with cooking oil:


I've been using oil in bottles that are suppose to be drip-proof and still get oil on the bottom. What I do is keep the bottles on a container which is also lined with a paper towel (or in your case, rags) for good measure. Any kind will do, such as frozen meal trays and especially styrofoam trays, which are still not accepted by city recycling.

I have used a narrow meat tray for years to catch the drips of oil. Its easy to pop out and wash and the oil never touches my shelfs. Looks like the gal above me said the same thing. Styrofoam lol is the word i forgot. And if it is bad just get a new one. I would bet for a few cents you could get one from the meat market that is just the right size.

Here is how I managed to SIT THROUGH THE MEAL tonight! Hooray for me!

Thanks for hosting!

My mom always kept the tops from worn out athletic type socks. She cut them off when socks were worn out in the foot area. They are great pulled up over skiinned knees and elbows to keep bandaids on and if you cut a small slit on a side. for a thumb to stick out, they can cover a skinned palm. With six kids, someone always had a skinned up spot to cover!

we stand them in a plastic baggie or used bread bag

My kitchen tip is an easy solution to lids that are hard to get off. :)

I bought those things they use on liquor bottles. They have a long pencil thick spout, some have little hinged flaps to cover the opening, and they fit into the bottle neck with a sort of plastic cork type thing. I also have one on a glass bottle (no small children here) of dish soap that I refill from a big jug and think the idea may have come from Martha Stewart.

I use it on the oil bottle because it makes it easier to control the pour rate when making mayo.

I have always just tied a cloth (older napkin, scrap of t-shirt, etc) around the neck of the bottle. It sort of looks like a neckerchief and can be quite cheery. I have also just rolled up a paper towel and tied it on the neck. It will absorb the drips for quite a while and is easily tossed when you want to spruce things up.

What I like about this method, better than the tray for the bottles idea, is that even the unobservant or uninitiated won't mess it up by missing the tray or bunching up the rag the bottles sit on. Also, the other cooks in our house often set the oil bottles near by while cooking and the try idea leaves oil on the bottom of the bottles to leave circles every where the bottles get set down. Not so with the neckerchiefs or the socks slipped over.

I use lids from the round powdered drink containers (the old Crystal Light containers) and other plastic lids as coasters for honey and oil and anything else that might drip into my cupboards. It works well when I am able to use a lid just slightly bigger than the bottle.

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