Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Crispy skin on baked chicken drumsticks

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

Here's a tip for chicken drumsticks! When I pull chicken drumsticks out of the package, the skin tends to be bunched up around the small end of the drumstick. If I just throw them into the baking dish, I end up with a lot of exposed meat and bunched-up skin.

This is not good because without the skin covering it, the meat will dry out during baking. And if the skin is bunched up, it won't get deliciously crisp.

Tip: Pull the skin back over the meat before placing the chicken drumsticks in the dish. The end result is perfectly moist meat and crispy seasoned skin!

Baked chicken drumsticks

Baked chicken drumsticks are a super easy meal. I do a variety of seasonings on them; sometimes I cover with barbecue sauce, salad dressings, or spray with oil and sprinkle with Italian seasoning.

In the picture above, I had some Italian dressing to use up, and I added a garlic parmesan seasoning. I baked the 9x13 dish at 350 degrees for about 70 minutes (uncovered).

I made instant mashed potatoes and vegetables to go along with the chicken for dinner. The dish of chicken pictured was $5.21 at Costco, and we had 3 drumsticks leftover. Joshua loves drumsticks, and I love making a meal that takes 15 minutes to prep! :)

Bonus picture: One of the many Lego creations I've been asked to photograph. :)

Legos and kids
Yehoshua (8), Eliyahu (6) and Ruth (4)

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Tara @ Simply Made Home
Clear and deodorize stinky kitchen sinks!

I don't see where to enter my name? :) Kendra

Good tip on drumsticks. I have never made just drumsticks, as I'm a white meat kind of girl; however, that does look super easy and tempting! My hubby would love it, for sure! Would you use the same cooking time with whatever seasonings you put on it?

I wrote a post about freezing foods with the "Use By" date. It's very helpful.

Yes, I pretty much use the same cooking time no matter what I put on top. I think 70 minutes is about the shortest I would use, and longer is okay as long as they're not burning or something! :)

Sounds great!Nice quick meal.

Mrs. Paradis

We had our fridge go out in our rental, it took a week to get it fixed. I was surprised what I found when I was cleaning it after it had been repaired. Gasp! I must clean it more often! LOL!

Here's you another tip for quick clean up when you cook chicken.....line your pan/dish with foil. Less of a greasy mess on the bottom. You can just lift out the foil and toss it in the trash.

Love the drumstick tip!

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