Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Quick thawing or quick cooling tip

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

When you want to thaw something more quickly without a microwave or warm water (warm water isn't recommended for meats), here is another way.

Place the frozen item on something that will absorb the cold. In my case, I use one of my heavy multi-clad stock pots -- which absorb the cold right down the sides of the pan, thawing the meat more quickly while keeping it cold.

Quickly cooling black bean brownies

Last weekend I had an "aha!" moment when I realized I could use this same technique to more quickly cool the black bean brownies that Yehoshua and I had made.

We were having guests, and black bean brownies are much better when they've been chilled. Even though we "started" the brownies the night before (by putting black beans in the crock pot to cook overnight!), they were still warm from the oven a couple hours before lunch.

My solution? I put the warm dishes of brownies on the over-turned stock pots, which quickly cooled them enough for me to pop into the fridge to finish chilling! :)

Channah and me

Bonus picture today: Channah (3 months) and me on our deck. We had eaten lunch out here and Eliyahu (6) took this picture of us. I know it looks like she's frowning, but it's really just her non-smiling face. She does smile -- just not for the camera! ;)

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Hello Tammy.

I am sharing a list of tips & recipes for cooking with kids, and it includes one of our favorites:

Silky Bean Fudge. However, it might just be a recipe for something else. You'll see from the post.


Leanna @ Alldonemonkey

Mine is ideas of meals disguised as snacks:

Thanks, Bobi
@Western Warmth

Happy Tuesday morning! I am leaving a link to my post about saving money with bulk shopping. I hope your readers find it helpful. Thanks for hosting!

Tara @ Simply Made Home

Hello Tammy -

I can't believe how big Channah is getting! I love the picture of you two.

My post includes numerous tips. I summarized previous posts, and added a few new tips.

I love reading about your family. :)



I have never thought to do that to cool or thaw food. Thank you so much for the great tip!

Today I'm sharing an idea that my husband and I had to put a fried egg on top of a sausage asparagus skillet which we've made before but was kind of dry. It turned out great, and I think we'll be using the "put an egg on it" technique for many skillet meals to come!

Thanks for the idea of heating/cooling with the stock pots - brilliant!

What a lovely picture! Thank you for this tip - I would have never thought of this!
AND I'll be making the black bean brownies too!!

This tip is so useful, I'm pinning it to remember later :)

I'm sharing 2 tips this week. If I'm only allowed one, you can choose which one to post :)

How to Freeze Fresh Fruit:

Reviving, Storing, and Regrowing Celery:

Beautiful pic of you and Channah! So sweet!

What a beautiful photo! :)

Tammy, you are a genius! I would never have thought of using pots to cool or warm things. I usually use a baking rack, going on the theory that if air circulates underneath, it will cool/thaw faster, but it's so slow, and there's never enough room. Thanks for the tip, and for sharing a photo of beautiful baby Channah - she's just adorable! I love her little dress, too.

When I want to cool something pretty fast I take it into the garage in the winter and into the basement in the summer. The concrete floors are pretty cold.

To defrost something pretty fast, during the summer I take it outside and put it on the patio table wrapped of course so flies do not sit on it.

I also put my frying pans (while hot) into the garage on the concrete floor and allow them to finish smoking and cooling there - summer and winter.


I tried this yesterday, after reading this post, for thawing frozen hamburger and it works awesome! This is a great kitchen tip, thanks so much!

Neat tip!

Channah is getting so big! What a lovely picture of the two of you. :)

and forgot to log in!!

Anyway, I said.....

Neat tip!!

Channah is getting so big and what a lovely picture of the two of you. :)

~Tanya - mama to 7 treasures. :)

I made these black bean brownies for the first time and was so surprised at how good they were! Thanks for reminding me of them!

If you do a kitchen tip Tuesday I wrote a post about how I save our family's recipes:

Channah is looking more and more like Mommy each time I see pictures of her.Aww what a pretty girl.

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