Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Paper funnel to the rescue!

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

Eliyahu (age 6) helped me make some homemade instant oatmeal packets. I don't have a big food processor, just this little mini chopper that attaches to my immersion blender. It works fine but only holds about 1 cup of oats at a time! I did a small batch of the instant oatmeal which will be used for snacks or individual breakfasts.

Making instant oatmeal

Eliyahu loved getting to pulse the blender! We practiced counting to 30 while he held the button. Then it was finished! It was a fun way to get a little extra math practice into our morning. :)

paper funnel

I like to store things in jars, but this particular jar was difficult to fill from the chopper without spilling. Tip: I didn't have an appropriately-sized funnel, so we made our own from a rolled up piece of paper!

paper funnel

The paper funnel worked and all the kids thought that was pretty cool. (I did NOT show them how to make paper cups yet!!)

paper funnel

Last step was to label the jar, which Eliyahu also did for me with masking tape and a pen. Labeling things with tape and a pen or marker is a fun way to get spelling and writing practice. ;)

Eliyahu (6)

All done? Time for exercise! I sent this monkey outside to play. :)

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I've often thought of making instant oatmeal "packets." Do you add any flavors or anything later or simply cook with water?

Thanks for hosting Kitchen Tip Tuesdays. I appreciate the readers it brings to my blog. You have A LOT of readers!

What a wonderful way to get some lessons in along with some help in the kitchen!
Great post!

Today I am sharing my a tip for a healthier alternative to freeze pops for a summer treat!

Love your pics and post today!

I'm linking up how to make chive blossom vinegar - great for an easy salad dressing.

Good Morning! Really cute pictures above! :) I am leaving my post about preparing hamburger patties withought having to get your hands all gross from touching the meat! I hope your readers find it helpful!


Great tip! I usually do this, but haven't found a quick funnel for liquids yet :-/

Here's my tip:

Great Tip! This week, I shared my tip about Freeing Up Counter Space in a Small Kitchen

Great idea! Hey, you probably already do...but did you know permanent marker washes off glass? This is how we label all of our drinking cups and such...right on the glass! Blessings! the dramatic faces :)

My tip today is using baking soda to clean grungy pans ... I can't believe how nice it cleaned up the stainless steel skillet ... used it on the crockpot ... then just tried it again on a overworked baking dish ... works like a charm!

Eliyahu reminds me of my David. :) David loves any opportunity to be a ham and keeps us laughing.

I hope all is well with your family. Thanks, again, for hosting Kitchen Tip Tuesday. I always enjoy reading everyone's tips and the opportunity to share.

Off topic, but I just wanted to say I love the blue paint on the wall behind Eliyahu. What's the color and the brand?

I don't know about the blue paint! We're renting, and it was like that when we moved in (and none of the house had been freshly painted before us)... :)

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