Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Cleaning condiment lids

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

With little hands using our condiment bottles, they can get kinda messy. I usually wipe the tops before putting them away, but now that my kids are old enough to put things away for me, the cleaning part doesn't get done.

It's pretty embarrassing to pull out ketchup or hot sauce for guests and have them find dried condiment all over or around the lid!

Tip: When we're planning a barbeque and will be using condiments, I pull them out and clean the lids before the guests arrive. If it's something we don't use often (like ketchup), the lid may need to be washed (in hot soapy water) for all the dried goop to come off.

Clean condiment lids

Yay! Clean lids! :) Now no one will ever know that our 2-year-old was using that ketchup bottle... ;)

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The best thing we ever did was buy some plastic squirt bottles in different colors for our condiments--you know, the kind you see at every little burger joint. They're color coded and easy to grab AND clean. And they're FUN!

I hate refilling bottles like that, though! ;) Joshua wanted me to put mayo in one of those and I said "Sure... if you take care of refilling it for me." ;) We settled on just using a container with a lid when our giant Costco-size mayo jug gets low! ;) I bet ketchup and mustard would be easier to fill though. :)

My teens have the job of filling mason jars with the bulk size mayo, ketchup, etc.
They use my canning funnel.

...and btw, once they're teens, the mason jars empty just as quick as those little squirt bottles used to! ;-)
My kitchen tip this week: Stale foods

Hi Tammy.

This week I'm sharing an older post with great info on preservation. If you don't consider it "tippy" enough, that's fine - just enjoy it for yourself :-)!

It's a post on Which Save the Most - Dehydrating, Canning, or Freezing?

Blessings to you and yours,

I have my tip on saving calories and enjoyment by freezing portions here at this link:

Here a kid-friendly recipe for eggplant (it's an idiot proof appetizer or main dish, too).


Today I'm linking up a post from last year - with CSA season starting again in many parts of the country, I thought it was timely. Here are some tips for maximizing the investment in a CSA share; although, many of the tips apply for local farms and gardens as well.

I have two recipes that I double and freeze. There are so many options for using them that I like to always have one in the freezer for when the meal plan doesn't go as planned! Thanks for hosting!


I need to get to cleaning our lids. *blush* Sounds like a great job for my 5 year old. : )

Here's my link for my first Tuesday Tip. : )

Have a blessed day.


Tammy -

That is a great tip! I never like the dried goo on my condiment containers either.

My tip today involves making cookies that will never stick to the cookie sheet. Along with the best tasting oatmeal cookie recipe.

Thank you friend!

Anna :)

You can revive overcooked peas with hot water.

I agree about the dried condiment sticky on bottles! I used to lick the condiment bottles at home so when we went to a steak house for my birthday as a kid, you can imagine my parent's horror when I did it in public lol!

Ha, ha! No licking here... I guess my kids haven't thought of that one... :)

I'll admit, I'm guilty of putting away the condiments with messy lids. I'm lucky if I can get them off the table and back in the fridge before my kiddo is dragging me out of the kitchen!

It's been a while since I've shared a kitchen tip, today I'm sharing a tip on reusing take-out containers.

Have a wonderful week!
Under the Big Oak Tree

Oooo, I totally need to do this! Mine are getting pretty gunky.

My tip today is how to pronounce, cook and get your family to eat quinoa!

Thanks, Tammy!


What I do is when I have an empty condiment bottle I save the lid and wash it. Then I have an extra one that's always clean and can easily switch the top when needed.

I do the same thing! Also, I put the dirty ones in the plastic basket in my dishwasher.

Hey, Tammy, I wrote a Kitchen Tip post for tomorrow if you are doing it again :). Thanks! Bobi

Here is the post:

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