Mother's Day Giveaway Winner

Thank you all so much for the beautiful comments on my Mother's Day giveaway! Reading them brought tears to my eyes. My mom is a hard working, cheerful, content, and Godly woman. I miss my mom, too! It's been a year since our last trip to Ohio to visit my parents, and even though they came here to visit for 3 days in September, it just wasn't long enough.

One of the comforting things about my mom is that she's always busy doing something either fun or productive (usually productive) and she's always got good food to eat. She's told me that she gets tired of cooking sometimes, but one would never know that by the meals she serves. It's not always something fancy, but it's almost always completely homemade and/or home-grown -- filling and healthy. :) (Use the search box to look for "my mom's recipes" and you'll find a ton on this site!)

My mom also treasures and loves each new life! She had 6 children herself (after 8 years of infertility), and our children are all very loved by her as precious gifts. I'm so blessed by her encouragement and support in this, and in many other areas. :)

Anyway, now to the giveaway winner. According to, the winner of the Mother's Day Gift Package is:


Thank you all for your enthusiasm for the giveaway, and thank you to More Than Alive for sponsoring it! The 10% discount code is still good through today, Friday May 11.

Have a great weekend! :)


Would your Mom be interested in writing for your readers about how she overcame her infertility? As one who is struggling with that now, I would be really interested to know.

I don't know! Actually, I don't believe I've ever heard all of the details myself... just that they were told by doctors that they would probably never be able to have children. That would have been ~35 years ago now. :)

I hope you get to vist with her again soon.


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