Mother's Day Giveaway from More Than Alive! (2 days only)

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!

More Than Alive put together a Mother's Day giveaway package for one lucky reader here! I was super excited when they emailed and asked to send me a gift packet and offer a giveaway and discount code this week!

Here is what the package includes:

Gift package from More Than Alive

1 bottle of SuperMom vitamins (I have used these for 5+ years and love them!)
1 bottle of peppermint essential oil
Jar of Laveshmint daily moisturizer
Book: Herbal Antibiotics
1/2 lb. organic raw cacao powder
1 Salt and Pepper Silk Scarf

You know we love our Berkey water filter from More Than Alive, and I drink their herbal teas almost daily. Their dried herbs are fresh and potent and their tea blends are fabulous! I'm not just saying this because they've sent me samples... I used up my samples long ago and bought more herbs and SuperMom vitamins, which I take daily. :)

Peppermint oil

I love peppermint oil, and it's one of my most-used essential oils. It's my second tactic for battling headaches (right after drinking tons of water from my Contigo water bottle!) and makes Ruth's favorite pink peppermint stick scented homemade play dough! :)

I don't normally use facial moisturizer (or anything on my face aside from water to cleanse) but I tried the Laveshmint that came in my package and it feels lovely! It isn't oily and smells pleasant.

Salt and Pepper Silk Scarf

I'm excited about this scarf! My scarves have always been purely functional and not at all cute. (In fact, I think both of my winter scarves are ones I've had for over 15 years!) Here in the Seattle area, we don't usually have super cold, snowy winters -- but lots of chilly rainy days (all year long...) so I think this scarf will be perfect. It's soft and delicate but feels pretty sturdy, too.

Cocoa powder

Cocoa powder, yum! We use lots of cocoa powder since it's a pretty affordable chocolate fix. ;) What have I done with mine?

Chocolate protein milk shake

Made chocolate protein milk! I used chocolate-flavored sweetened whey protein, milk, instant coffee granules, and a heaping spoonful of cocoa powder. I use my immersion blender (gift from Joshua's mom last year) to blend it smooth. The milk gets nice and creamy and the cocoa powder makes it extra chocolate-y! (Note: Actually I prefer this drink without the coffee.)

Want to win this Mother's Day gift package from More Than Alive?

This giveaway is open Wednesday and Thursday, May 9-10, 2012. One winner will be selected using and announced on Friday, May 11, 2012.

How to enter the giveaway:

Leave a comment on this post, telling me what you most appreciate about your mom, mother-in-law, or mentor! If you aren't logged in, make sure you comment includes a way to contact you if you win. :)

The Discount:

More Than Alive sells quality bulk herbs, bulk foods, and more -- including our favorite household necessity, the Berkey Water Filter. If you've been waiting to order a Berkey water filter, this discount will give you $20+ off your order!

Use this discount code to receive 10% off your order from More Than Alive Wednesday - Friday of this week, May 9 - May 11, 2012.


Channah Shalom
Channah Shalom (she's 10 weeks old now!) :)

Full disclosure, as always: When we purchased our Berkey water filter from More Than Alive several years ago, we were so thrilled with it that I signed up as an affiliate with More Than Alive. Purchasing through my links helps support this website! The discount code is valid with or without using my links. :)

I don't review something unless we would spend our own hard-earned money on it, and such is the case with the things we have purchased from More Than Alive. I'm delighted to be able to offer giveaways and discount codes for More Than Alive! :)


I appreciate my mother's faith in God and her godly example!

The thing I appreciate most about my mom is the fact that she is the one who pushed me to do things in life, and gave me my good work ethic. She expected me to excel at whatever I set out to do- I love that about her!~Cassandra

I appreciate my Mother's heart of gold, she would do anything for anyone, she volunteers much of her time to helping and serving others!

Happy Mother's Day to you, sweet Tammy,

Jen Olson -

that my mom put everything she had into raising her children - from homeschooling us when it was practially illegal to just being there for us every step of the way. And I appreciate greatly how she has come to help me for 3 weeks during my first trimester sickness the past two pregnancies and always has come to help around the birth and afterwards of each of my 5 kids. I don't know how I would manage without her during those times!

My mother-in-law will be here for mother's day, so I wanted to say that I really appreciate the way she encourages and supports us to do the right thing even when hard.

she taught me to give to others and make do with what you have. Plus she has a sense of style I wish I had!

My mom is a wonderful mother and grandma but she is also my Best Friend! Thanks Amber

My Mom is my best friend! She loves me and my family and we love spending time together.

My mom is my best friend. She loves me and my husband and kids. We love spending time together.
(sorry, forgot my email in the previous comment!)
hopingtowin at gmail dot com

There are many many things I love about my mom but the most important one is that she taught me to love God and to always put Him first in my life.

My mom is the most dedicated mother. She used to wake up at 4am to prepare fresh meal for us. She used to cook 3 times a day. She is a fantastic teacher. Work 8 hrs per day in school. Always taught us to forgive and forget! (which sometimes irritates me! lol). I love her and I miss het a lot.

You can contact me at - geetanjali_msc(at)yahoo(dot)com

I really appreciate my Mom for all of the sacrifices she made, especially when we were young. I know that money was VERY tight to non-existent, yet I never felt like we ever once had less or did without.

michelle (at) northofthe49 (dot) com

There are way too many things to mention about my mother however the one thing I appreciate the most is how much she has prayed for me. I grew up getting to see her pray and earnestly pray for me and my siblings and now me and my own family. My mother taught me many things most do all the love for the Lord she is a wonderful mother.

was always there for me and taught me that God must be first in my life if I was to ever be happy -- she was a patient, kind teacher. Mom suffers from dementia now and doesn't really know me, but she still smiles and her eyes light up when she sees me.

The neverending care that she gave and still gives to me and my Blessings.

My Mom is awesome and loves all four of her children unconditionally. She is also selfless and the kindest person I know.

I lost my mother almost 10 years ago and think about here everyday. My children were young 6,5,&3, and I always wished that they got to know her better. My mother-in-law has been just wonderful she has stepped in where my mother left off. She has stood by me whenever I needed her. She is a fantastic unselfish and loving lady and I am so blessed that she is here for me and my family. I am one lucky lady.

she showed me the basics of what it meant to be a good wife by example, before I even thought about getting married.

My mom spent most of my growing year as a single mom and she sacrificed and worked so much to give us the best she could. I'm so grateful for her.
Thanks for this giveaway! I have wanted to try the vitamins for ages and the cocao looks great!

tiffanyslack at gmail dot com

I have the most amazing mother. She is *always* cheerful and encouraging, and she puts others first no matter what the circumstances. She lives 600 miles away, and just left this morning from a short visit, and I miss her!

The thing I appreciate most about my mom is the fact that she never fails to pray for me and my family - no matter what! There is much comfort in that. Cathy

My mom is so selfless, always jumping in to serve however needed

I really appreciate the nature of my mother, she knows how to keep smiling even in worse situation of life. She has overcome many challenges in her life and i never saw any hint of sadness or hardship on her face. She motivated us to keep going even when things are not in our favor. She is an inspiration for everyone

My email id:

My mom is amazing! I love how she's always there, her wisdom, love, generosity, and so many more but also how she lets me (and my husband and daughter) live our life and doesn't nag us or try to make us do things her way. :-)
dmfitzpatrick16 @

My father wasn't much of a father when it came to raising me and my 4 siblings. He's never changed a diaper and my mom did pretty much everything for us. She finally divorced him after being with him for over 20 years! It was the bravest thing I've ever seen her do. She fought long and hard to give us the life we deserved and was always there when we needed her. I know my mom would do anything for me and loves me unconditionally. I couldn't ask for a more special person to be my mom. <3

lilmisschicky at hotmail dot com

She is the best Mom anyone could ask for.She has taught me so much in the last 20 years.She helps me when I have problems with kids and not sure how to solve the problem,always an ear to listen,Great advice on what ever.There when ever I need her 24/7.I think my husband is so lucky to have a Mom like her growing up.I hope to grow up just like her.

My Mom is always doing something for someone else. She is in her 70's and has never slowed down on her service to others. She has been anexcellent example of putting others before yourself.

L. Dixon

My mom is a godly, generous, wise lady. She is an expert on many topics including computer programming, gardening, sewing, cooking, and quilting. I appreciate the way she loves each of her children and always makes time to help out those in need around her. My MIL is wonderful as well and has reared a godly son. I appreciate how she is encouraging and generous to those needs around her. I hope to be just like these ladies when I "grow up".

There are many, many things I could write about my sweet mother. I guess first and foremost, she is a Christian, and brought me up in church. She has also been there with me through thick and thin...even through my cancer. She is an encourager, and very faithful....She is blessed among women!

I was planning to order a Berkey this very week through a different site! I would love to order through More Than Alive and it would be great to get the discount, but none of their Berkeys seem to be in stock, and they haven't been for awhile. Do you have any idea why this might be? It seems like they won't be available before the discount code expires.

The Berkeys are out of stock some times because More Than Alive (as well as most other companies) have difficulty getting enough units from the supplier. I know this was the case 4 years ago when we ordered ours -- they were out of stock at More Than Alive as well as other sites we were looking at. :(

However, I was able to order ours (with a 10% discount code) from More Than Alive at that time. I paid when I ordered and they shipped my unit as soon as they got them (it was about 2 weeks, I think).

I would recommend calling them and asking if they have an estimated wait time on the Berkeys. (I had planned to get the Big Berkey but they said the Royal Berkey would be in sooner, so we went with that one -- which is perfect since we now have 5 kids, etc.!). Also ask if there is a way for you to use the discount/order this week, or if there is any way for you to use the discount when the Berkeys are in stock. Hopefully they can work something out for you, or at least give you some additional info! :)

I like that my mom does totally different things with my kids than I ever think to. She challenges their right or left brains, whichever one it is I neglect to challenge. She's great at imagining and pretending, and they light up when they're with her.

My mom is the best because, even though we don't live in the same state anymore, she's always just a phone call away and always available to talk!
brian.lisa.payne at

My Mentor taught me how to serve my family and friends with grace and kindness.
jnjmenta at

My mom lives a very far distance but I talk to her almost every day. She helps me to figure out solutions to different problems I have; whether or not they are about the kids or our home. She also helps me to keep my sanity and not be as sad about not having adult interaction during the day. She is my best friend. I love my mom.

Andrea D.

...for this giveaway! What I love most about my mom? She's mine! She loves me unconditionally. She prays for our family every day. She's selfless, giving, kind, and an awesome example of the Proverbs 31 lady.

rrgoff06 at gmail dot com

My mother passed away two months ago. So this will by my first Mother's Day without her here. My mother was my first grade teacher, not homeschooled but taught me in the classroom with her other students. She taught me many things. But in choosing one, I'd have to say she taught me to seek knowledge and listen to my inner voice.


I appreciate the TIME my Mom put into my life! She took the time to know me, teach me, and was never afraid to tell me I was wrong. :) I trusted her because she had shown me by her words AND example how to live. She was honest about her faults and mistakes and taught me how to overcome mine. (well, not ALL of them ;) )

Time from our mother's is such a blessing, isn't it? And I love my mom for teaching me and not being afraid to tell me when I was wrong (that goes for my Dad too). Because from that, I learned and grew even more and became a better person because of her/them.

She raised eight children and now that most of them are married and moved away she is always busy helping others. She also always has a ready ear for me or any of my siblings. She's taught me much by her walk and talk.

My Mom is the greatest! She taught us to love God & be kind to our fellow man.
I love her with all my heart.

I love that my mom is my daughters' grandma. I have triplet girls, and she lived with us for the first year because two of them were on oxygen & feeding tubes. I couldn't have done it without her!

I love that my mom loves me unconditionally!!! :) She has been and will forever be my biggest cheerleader! :)

My email is and this is Niki! Love your Challah is gorgeous!

Not sure if my comment posted....I love my mom so much. She is and always has been my biggest cheerleader!! She loves me no matter what!

My email is

Advice, support, recipes, sewing,..........I am surrounded by wonderful women!

krschulteis at yahoodotcom

She gives great advice, but usually only when I ask for it. She supports me in whatever I decide to do. She's a great grandma too!

She's is such a example for me.She's loving,patient and understanding. the person i have become is because of my mother. love ya mom!

I know this sounds superficial, but I'm really happy I inherited my mom's -- and my grandmother's eyes.
julieadp at gmail

My Mom had 6 children by the time she was 21 (no multiples, either!), endured a terrible marriage for 25 years (father alcohol abuser), and raised all her children in church against father's wishes. I admire so much that she hung in there when she didn't know what else to do. She did finally end that marriage and eventually found a wonderful man who loved her and has taken care of her. She is now 78. I thank God for my mother!


... is incredibly thoughtful and giving! :)

My mom has always been my number one fan!! thanks for the give away!

My mom went to be with the Lord 13 years ago, and I still think about her every day. She was very practical and frugal and I learned alot from her. She was always there when I needed her. What a bessing she was in my life!


has always been an encourager. She's always encouraged her children and grandchildren to be the best they can be. It didn't matter to her if we were ditch diggers or lawyers--as long as we were following our calling and being the best we could be.

My mom (and dad) sacrificed much for me growing up. I remember a time when I was only 5 years old and thought she was going to die. That was 40 years ago and now she's nearly 71 years young! Now that I'm married with two children, she still comes alongside me, encouraging and supporting me. We live 5 hours away, but talk or email almost daily - it's so much fun having her as a friend! My sister was diagnosed with cancer last year. My mother took care of her every need, every day for the 6 months of her illness until her death. My sister loved our mom too!


no pity here, but sad to say that I am not close to my mother in law and my mom and I have a very tense relationship. However, to turn this question around- I can easily love my mother in law for the man she helped her son to be. I have an amazing husband who loves me and our kiddoes so very much- so I am very thankful to her as she was a single mom because her son, my hubby, is so good at being a part of our family!
thanks- amy miller

My mom has been a wonderful example to me in so many areas! She's incredibly unselfish and always puts others first.

The kind of love that my mom shows to not only myself, and my siblings but everyone that she comes in contact with is what makes my mom so amazing. I find it hard sometimes to show love and care in the way that she does. I thank God for giving me such a loving, caring and self-less mom.

I appreciat my mother in law. My mom was never around, but my mother in law is a wonderful person.

My mom prays for us every day!


My Mom has been always loving, caring and unselfish. She homeschooled all 7 of us (just one left to graduate!) and after God, her family has been the most important thing in her life.
She encouraged us to seek God for ourselves and live lives of integrity. She taught me so many life skills, homemaking skills etc.. that I know will become even more of a blessing should I get married one day. I am truly blessed because of her.

Mothers day is always hard for me. I enjoy it because it celebrates my own motherhood to my two wonderful children. But since my mother has passed away, it hurts my heart to think about all that my children are missing out on by never having met her. I am so thankful for the years that I had with her, and I cherish those memories.

I appreciate my mother's giving and sacrificial heart. She is always there for us and willing to talk us through any problems.

My Mom is a prayer warrior - she takes everything to the Lord and all my growing up years the first thing we would see in the morning when we awoke was Mom at the couch with her Bible and a notebook and all day long she had her 4x6 cards to help her memorize verses and if she had to be up at 4 in the morning to read and memorize, she was up at 4AM.

I appreciate my mom's dedication to things she cares about. She takes on big things and always gives 100%!


She never complained. We were poor - there was 5 of us kids. And we did without a lot. Mom would work all day and come home and create a dinner from nothing. And throw in 2 loads of laundry. And help with homework. And clean. Yet mom never complained because we were number one in her life. My mother set a wonderful example for me.


I admire my mom for her creative ability---she can make something out of nothing. She is a very talented sewer and makes beautiful quilts. I had a wonderful life growing up and I am thankful for a caring mother.

My mother in law raised my husband and his sister on her own, and now she is here for them still, along with 4 grandchildren, also while taking care of her aged mother while working a night shift full time job. She is one of the most hard-working, loving Moms I know!!!

Jennifer kandjpritchard at yahoo dot com

I most appreciate my mom for how selfless she is with her time and energy. She is always available and happy to do things for her family and friends. She has helped me more than I can ever repay!

Whenever I need help or advice she is always there. She never missed a concert, recital, or ball game for me or my brother.

My mother has been a constant in my life, always!

My mom is my best friend. Always has been and always will be.

She is my best friend. Always has been and always will be.

Because she is more than just my mom...she is a great friend.


My mom was always there for me and supported me. She never missed an activity!

I appreciate my mom's selflessness. She is always looking out for her family more than herself.


My mom has endurance and works hard, that's what I appreciate about her.

My mom learned to make due in very difficult circumstances and even through the hard times she'd always have a meal for others who were worse off than we were. Our home was always open. She also had 12 kids she never gave up praying for and is very supportive.

lesandsara (at) gmail (dot) com

I love that my Mom is there when I need advice, and she is good at giving it. If I just need to talk, she is there willing to listen. I also love what a great example of a Godly wife she gave me, something I fall short of all the time, but strive to do better, because of seeing the example she set. She is the BEST mother! :-))

My mother gives and gives and gives again. Sewing for me and my girls, helping with harvesting the garden, making special days special, blessing us with meals more times than I can count.... She has a servant's heart, and I love her. Maria

My MIL taught my husband to cook and do laundry. LOVE THAT!

I appreciate my mother's patience.

Mother's day is always bittersweet because I lost my mom when I was 19. I volunteer at Race For The Cure on mother's daywith my little's as a tribute to my mother. My mother showed my how to have grace remain optimistic during a time of adversity.

Sarynp at yahoo dot com

My mom lives many mile away, and I miss her so much. What I appreciate about her was what a hard worker she was. She is now a sweet little old grandma, so cute.
When she was younger she could work circles around anyone I know. She had a 2 acre garden each year, plus she did all the canning.

I love my mom for all the lovely gifts she gave me. We grew up on a farm, so I was blessed with cooking canning, gardening and figuring it out when it comes to managing family. A wealth of information.
Very nice giveaway, Tammy. Happy Mother's Day!

I appreciate that she has always worked so hard. She hasn't had an easy life and a lot of that was choices she made. But she has never ever stopped trying!

shaybplus3 (at) yahoo (dot) com

....taught me how to love. Although she's not a believer (well, she's close .. wink) she shows the genuine love of Christ.

I love my mom because no matter what I've been through, I know she'll always be there for me. :)

What a wonderful gift for Mother 's day. ingo5134 @ gmail dot com.

I live about 4 hours away from my mom, but she is always there for me when I need to talk to someone. We also have been having a difficult financial period and she has helped us by buying paper products and food for us.

My MIL has taught me a lot about the meaning of "honor thy mother and father". I live right next door to her. She almost always is able to watch my children when I need her and she also helped me a lot with my first child. I didn't know much about babies, so she showed me the ropes so to speak.

It is so nice that the company contacts you and shares their product

My mom is a caring friend and wonderful, involved, and adoring grandma. She is the kindest person and her heart is made of pure gold.

My mom always supports me and my choices!

Julia at naturallifemom dot com

She was, and is always there for me and my siblings. She is very caring, and has a wonderful sense of humor. Love you Mama!

Thanks Tammy for the great giveaway, and Happy Mother's Day to you!


My mom was a huge help after the birth of my son. I appreciate her more now that I'm a mother!

clarissapbrown AT

Shes always there for me even in the smallest way and sometimes no matter how old you are sometimes you need your mom and no one else. She's a strong person who has overcome much hardship shes a great example.


and the way she is always will to apologize. She has always modeled humility to me.

I appreciate both my mom & mother-in-law are very helpful and great grandma's. Thanks! stollefs at yahoo com

I appreciate my Mother so much! She never worked outside the home but was always a busy bee! She cooked and canned and instilled in me the desire to be a homemaker. She is the sweetest lady I know! I'm proud to call her "Mother"! I'm so thankful she lives not too far away, and that I can see her often! Thank you, Tammy for being and exemplary Mother to so many young, as well as, older Mothers! And thanks for hosting this giveaway! Blessings from Bama!

Bama Girl @

My mom is the most giving person I know. Looking back on my growing up years, I see her giving in so many ways and still she gives. lindastoltzfus at gmail dot com

I appreciate my mom for her generosity and sincerity. I also appreciate my mother-in-law for accepting who I am and challenging me to what God wants me to be for my family-this all in her speech and actions towards others. I'm thankful for the double blessing the Jesus has bestowed on me.

Happy Mother's day to you Tammy.

thank you for this opportunity
Lisa Kanagy

I appreciate my mom for her generosity and sincerity and how she put so much into us four children, especially after our parents divorced, I thank God for you.

I also appreciate my mother-in-law for accepting who I am and challenging me to what God wants me to be for my family-this all in her speech and actions towards others. I'm thankful for the double blessing the Jesus has bestowed on me.

Happy Mother's day to you Tammy.

thank you for this opportunity
Lisa Kanagy

I love that my mom is such a vital part of our lives, and how she pours herself into her grandchildren!

Love this giveaway!


I am always awed when I think about my mother's choice to keep me when she was just a 15 year old girl. She has done a great job of sacrificing for and raising me throughout my life and now I hope to bless her in her life as we grow older together.

You can contact me at

My mom's faith in God has been so strong and refined when tested. Seeing that all these years has made my faith stronger and I love her so much for that.

dontspendmuch (at) msn (dot) com

It's hard to say what I appreciate most, but I love when my Mom & Dad take the children to their house for the day & give me some peace & quiet.

I am thankful for the fact that my mom prays for us every single day!
Shelly (

I am so blessed to have a mom and mother in law who are both believers and love the Lord. There is nothing better than that!

My Mom is the best! Still there for me when i need her.My Mother-in-law, wives can only dream of having one like her. I thank God for both of them.

My mom has helped support us while my husband was unemployed. We have lived with her and she has helped not only financially but also to help with our 3 kids. She gives above and beyond need and has shown pure love and care for us! I thank God for her giving spirit and I pray that I can repay her financially, physically and spiritually as she grows older.

My mom lives many miles away and I miss her so much. What I appreciate about her is that she was always such a hard worker. She had a 2 acre garden, plus she did all the canning. I remember that she would spend up to 12 hour a day in her garden.

Though she battled illness for a long time, she worked very hard to be a amazing mother and great role model. I'm sorry she never got to meet her grandchildren, but her legacy lives on.

My mom now lives as a loving voice inside my heart. She was a prime example of unselfish love , always ready to give of whatever she had including sound advice.

I love that my mom taught me that so many things can be made from scratch. Now that I am a mom, I love that my son asks me to "make" things instead of "buy" things :)

I appreciate how my mom always loved me and was proud of me.

I appreciate how I knew my mom always loved me and was proud of me.

Thank you!!

It may seem odd but one of the things I love my mom for was that when I first was married she allowed my the chance to make my own mistakes without judging me. I think I needed to find my feet and rely on my husband and not my parents anymore. It was so hard for her to watch my struggles those first few years but my marriage was strengthen by it.

I think sometimes as a mom it is harder to stay silent and pray for your children as they become adults. I am glad she did this with such grace. It really helped the most.

I am thankful and appreciate my mother for loving my children, her grandchildren, so much. They love her back and are blessed to have her in their lives.

I appreciate my mother's Godly character. proverbs12.11 at gmail dot com

My mom has been an amazing influence in my life. Her walk with God has been amazing through some really rough days!! She has helped me so many times, and has helped me on busy days with raising 3 boys.

I appreciate that my Mom gave me LIFE! My birth Mom became pregnant 40+ years ago when a pregnancy out of wedlock was very much frowned upon. My birth Dad encouraged my Mom to end the pregnancy and left her when she refused to do so. My birth Mom was scorned, lost friends, was required to switch high schools, hid out at home in the final months of her pregnancy so no one would know what she had done and was told by her clergy and family that she has shamed the family name. Despite all this, she decided to carry me and give me life. 21 years after I was born, I found my birth Mom and was able to tell her thank you for the gift of life.

God can redeem ANY situation and I am so glad that I serve a God who has given my life purpose. I deeply wish more children could enjoy the blessing I have received. I am very much blessed to have two Mom's to celebrate on Mother's Day--my birth Mom and my adoptive Mom. :)

Taught me how to cook. It is hard to choose one thing but that was one of many valuable skills she taught me. E-mail is

I was raised by a single father who died suddenly just before my 13th birthday. For 2 weeks I floated around alone with no one to call my own but during that time a family rose up. My new mom (and new dad, brother & sister) took me in and called me their own. My mom is a hero for taking in a wild little girl like me and teaching me the ways of womanhood. The risks were enormous, but her heart was open. Not a day has gone by where she hasn't treated me as her very own. No greater love than laying down your life for another and she did just that.

I love my mom's gentle faithfulness throughout the years and her love for us. She's been through a lot, but she is so faithful and always points us to God.


My mom is my very dearest and best friend. Her faith runs deeper than her emotions and she spurs me on to greatness for our Heavenly Father.

I love that mom showed me how to cook.

My mom will always be my mommy. She is my best friend(as wellm as my hubby) She has always been there for me and my siblings no matter what. All I ever wanted to be when I grew up was a mommy because my mommy set such a good example for what a mom should be. I can only hope to some day be half the wife and mom that she is.

I appreciate how my Mom follows God! But I also loved it when she read to me!

One of my favorite things about my mom is her love for God's word. I can remember finding her many mornings with her bible and journal. She is working hard to pass on that love to her grandkids by challenging them and encouraging them to read the word!

My mom taught me so much of what I know, and sacrificed much to educate me and my sisters at home, give us music lessons, and healthy meals. She has been *so* supportive of me throughout my own adventures as a new mom and just recently came up to Alaska to help me after the birth of our fourth child. She is pretty much amazing. :)

~Elizabeth in Alaska

I am thankful for a mother who has always loved me and cared for my needs. Even now
as I am a mother myself she still wants to meet my needs any way she can.

My mom is my best friend!! She has always been thoughtful, self-less, and giving. She's always been there for me in the good times and painful times of life. She is the first person I call to share good news with. I always love to go home to my mommy (even though I have grandchildren of my own now).

I appreciate my mom for all she has taught me. She is a special mom and I'm very thankful for her!

~Tanya - mama to 7 treasures. :)

My mother has always been there for me when I needed her. As an adult we are best friends. Love that woman dearly.

I appreciate the fact that my mom stuck with me throughout my difficult years and has supported me through all my choices in life. She is the strongest woman I know.

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My mom deserves a lot of thanks for being so supportive of our family when we did the "oddball" things like decide to homebirth and homeschool (quite a few years ago now, as I am a grandmother myself!)


Not sure if my post didn't show up. But I am grateful for my mom's strength and perseverance. Thank you for the opportunity!

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I appreciate my Mom because she is a fantastic example of someone who not only follows Jesus, but CHASES Him. Even though she is nearing 80 years old and in constant pain, she still reaches out daily to those who hurt, those who are lost, those who are deceived. She worries about not reaching enough people for Jesus. She's amazing and I hope to have a fraction of her dedication if I'm blessed with as long a life as she has had!

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The thing I appreciate most about my mom is that she has adapted to be the best mom for me in each season of my life. I have to admit that this season (motherhood, grandmotherhood & an adult friendship) is my favorite so far! :)

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My Grandma has always loved me no matter what I felt like that day and she can make some super delicious sourdough biscuits

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My mom and my mother-in-law are great examples of love in action. Neither of them have ever been lazy.

My MIL continued to treat me as her daughter, when her son/my husband passed away...she continued to treat me as family even when I my-in-laws accepted my new husband as their family. My extra MIL is so sweet, I'm thankful for her love & accepting me into her family. Each of them have mentored me in various areas, as I've gotten older & learned from them.

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the most giving person I know. She always puts other's needs before her own. I am thankful for her example to me of what it means to give of herself. I love my mom dearly!

Looking back I so appreciate how my Mom truly believed we could do anything we wanted to (sometimes to a fault :). She is the ultimate optimist and always tried to help us make our dreams come true.

But the best thing she ever did for us was point us to God.


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My Mom has shown me unconditional love and selfless caring. Love her dearly. I must add that I'm also very fortunate to have a wonderful Mother-in-law, a great woman and someone that I can call a friend.

My Mom has shown me unconditional love and true selflessness, I love her dearly. I also want to include my Mother-in-law, who I am so fortunate to have in my life. She's a wonderful person and a great friend.

My mom and I have only recently become close, now I am happy to see the love she shares for me and my granddaughter,

I think it posted annonymously. I love the bond my mother has with her grandaughter, and can appreciate it more now, because we weren't close when I was younger.--

My mom is the one person who believes in me with all her heart. She truely believes that I can do whatever I set my mind to do. She has given me the confidence in life to be a loving wife and mother myself.

Although my own mother was not a role model for a Godly wife and mother, the Lord has filled my life with women who have shown and taught me how to be the kind of mother that God always intended me to be. I am grateful for their wisdom, patience and friendship.
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