Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Tip for healthy snacking + snack ideas

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

I love snacks! But more importantly, I get hungry a lot and need to eat snacks between meals. As a breastfeeding mom, I'm even more hungry than "normal". But I can't let my eating habits go out the window just because I'm extra hungry! I need to have a plan for healthy snacking options.

My tip? Plan ahead and make snacks ahead for easier, healthier snacks! Here are some of my current favorite snack solutions.

Carrots, celery, and hummus

Homemade hummus (made in a big batch in my crock pot and then frozen in smaller containers), carrots, and celery for dipping. I try to get carrots and celery ready for several days all at once -- a big bag of celery sticks and a big bag of carrot sticks.

Having the carrots and celery ready-to-eat in the fridge makes it easy to grab one-handed while I'm holding my baby and doing school with the boys. The hummus helps satisfy my hunger more than just carrots and celery. Hummus isn't low-calorie (if you pile it on like I do!) but it's got lots of fiber and protein and good fats (I use olive oil), and it's filling and delicious! :)

Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt is my newest favorite quick snack, from Costco. (It's $3.50 a quart there.) One cup has 140 calories and 24 grams of protein! It's thick and creamy enough to substitute for sour cream, too. (Normal plain yogurt doesn't work for my taste buds when I've tried subbing it for sour cream...)

I usually pair this greek yogurt with some almonds for a snack, since I actually do want the extra fats in my diet (and the yogurt is nonfat).

I've also used this greek yogurt as a yogurt starter for making my own homemade yogurt. It's not as protein-rich, but easy enough to do (now that I've figured out how!) and I can make a gallon at a time.

Cooked pinto beans make a simple lunch or quick snack. When my beans are finished cooking in my crock pot, I ladle them into containers for snacks or lunches. The ones in this photo are for Joshua's lunches: 200 grams of beans, 14 grams of cheese, and a few splashes of hot sauce. Each container is 340 calories. Having a kitchen scale makes it super easy to measure the right amount quickly.

I also like to drink tea throughout the day! It doesn't satisfy hunger, but it's a yummy way to stay hydrated (I usually drink caffeine-free herbal teas). :)

Fresh fruit is another of our go-to snacks! Bananas, apples, pears -- whatever's on sale and looks good. I don't usually cut the fruit (like apples) ahead of time, but having it washed and in the fridge makes it easier to grab one for a snack!

I also got string cheese at Costco last week. It's a favorite of the kids', so I usually ask them to eat a banana or something else first. Otherwise, they'd beg for seconds! :)


Bonus photo: Sleeping Channah. I can't believe how big and chubby she is already!


And one more: Ruth with "the goats at the park". We've had such a lovely Spring, with some rain AND some sunshine. :)

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Good morning, Tammy.

I'm sharing Frugal Meal Tips, an assortment of frugal meals and a recipe for Kid-Friendly Lentils.



Thanks again for hosting Tammy. I have been enjoying your blog.

Tara @ SimplyMadeHome

Love your snack tips! I really need to try your hummus recipe one of these days! I LOVE hummus!

My tip today is about having company over when you live in a small space. Thanks for hosting!

Thanks for posting my tip. I have to say your kids are just darling! And I love your healthy snack ideas...I'm also nursing but I'm bad about waiting until I'm starving and then eating unhealthy stuff!

Thank you! :)

Well, I am often "starving" but we don't usually have very many unhealthy things on hand to grab. :P :) But even with healthy foods -- portion control is my problem. I like lots of different foods really well!! :)

Love your snack ideas, we love greek yogurt too. And your children are too cute.

Today I am sharing a yummy skinny shrimp pasta scampi with a unique pasta cooking technique.

I love when you share photos of your beautiful family! God has surely blessed you!

I heard recently that bananas will ripen slower if they are separated (at the stem) when you bring them home from the store. Do you know if this is true? My 3 children seem to conspire to NOT eat our bananas so I will have to make banana bread once they are over ripe. :)

On an entirely different note!.....our family of 5 is planning a summer trip to the W. coast. We would like to fly into Seattle and drive down the coast to San Francisco, visiting family and friends along the way. I vaguely remember you posting about family visiting you and the sites you saw in Seattle. Do you happen to know where I can look for this post on your blog? I want to make sure we don't miss anything good on our trip.

Thank you, Tammy!

Yes, I have heard that about bananas ripening slower if separated. However, I'm not sure if JUST taking the stems apart is enough. I think taking them apart and then placing them in different areas of the kitchen helps even more -- because it's the ethylene the bananas release as they ripen that causes them to ripen even more. So if there are fewer together, they can't go all crazy on ripening. :)
Here are my posts about things we've done in Seattle:
Fun adventures in the Seattle area
Fun and frugal things to do in Seattle
Pike Place Market and a whole lot more
New Year's Inspirations
Your trip from Seattle to San Francisco sounds like a lot of fun! :)

What beautiful girls you have! The baby is getting so big, so quick!

Thanks, Donna! :)
How I prepare a large bag of garlic fast to be kept on hand in fridge and freezer.
Love the bonus pics :) She is getting big so FAST! Glad to hear the weather has been good for you, gives you the opportunity to rest the mind I'm sure :)

Love these snack ideas. Always love when you post.

You have such a beautiful family.
Blessings to you,

Thank you, Cathy! :)

This may be a silly question, but why do some of the tips show up blue and others red?


The links are red until you've clicked on them; then, they are blue. :)

Hi Tammy, I have a tip for tomorrow if you do Kitchen Tip Tuesday--its a recipe/tip for using up leftover pot roast and making shredded beef enchiladas:



Hi Tammy -

Thank you for keeping us updated on your lovely family as well as your wonderful recipes. I love reading your posts about your daily lives and hope all is well.

My tip this how to store asparagus and make homemade veggie wash.


Anna :)

Thank you, Anna! :) I just added your link to this week's post. :D

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