Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: A soft resting place for fragile fruit

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

I use this tip mostly for bananas, but it's good for any ripening fruit that tends to bruise easily, like pears, peaches, etc.

Place a piece of cardboard, bubble wrap, or foam under the fruit (or bag of fruit) as it ripens, to ease the pressure and prevent bruises.

Bananas ripening

I normally store bananas on a hard shelf. My current "banana shelf" is a hard plastic mesh -- even more likely to bruise a heavy bunch of bananas. I used some old bubble envelopes to make a nice cushion on the shelf for the bunches of bananas.

Eliyahu on the bike

I hope no one missed me online last week. We were busy enjoying amazing Spring weather! Inside it's Legos, outside it's the bikes. We're blessed to have a nice quiet driveway/road in front of our house. The kids have been outside so much more since we moved from the apartment to this house. I'm SO GLAD for the space! :)

Kids riding bikes

Sometimes I get tired of the clouds, but when the weather is nice here it is really, really nice. 60's and sunny is perfect in my book! :)

And... I really truly will be blogging at least two more times this week. I'll be posting my Eat Well, Spend Less post for April (!!) and then write about some of the new "food things" we've been doing lately. And next week, well, we'll see. I have ideas but run out of time first sometimes. ;)

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2. More affordable fruit desserts (The Local Coook)
3. Coconut oil tips (Heather at Feel Good About Dinner)
4. Healthier desserts tips (The Better Mom)
5. Vinegar tips (Tara at Simply Made Home)
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Note: I'm sorry about the delay in getting these links posted! Our internet was down all day Tuesday.


Hello Tammy,

I love seeing your children on here. It is so nice to be able to see them with you being so far away. Moshe is getting so big he is on a bike!!

Do you ever use the Keep Fresh Bags? I have for lettuce and peppers and they seem to do great! I used them once for banannas and as soon as I took them out within a day they were all brown. I never did for carrots, but did once for celery and found out that foil works better. Just wondering if you ever used.


Glad you are enjoying the beautiful weather and for your banana tip!

The tip I would like to share today is about coconut oil basics.

Thanks for sharing!

Hello, Tammy!

I've got some Great Tips for Making Healthier Desserts this week.

Thanks for hosting!

This post takes a kitchen staple, white vinegar, and shows how you can save money in the kitchen (and through out the house) by switching to vinegar.

Thanks for hosting!

Tara @

I just brought home some fruit yesterday, and I'm totally going to use this tip to help prevent bruising - it's genius!

This week, I'm sharing how to make hash browns in your waffle iron!


Hi Tammy.

I thought I'd left a comment already, but here goes again...

4 Tips for Making Healthier Desserts. :

Maybe you checked and didn't see the link back. My son was just getting to it :-).



So glad you guys are getting some nice weather! I have missed your posts...looking forward to reading more. Do you plan on doing anymore Costco updates? Love those! Although I know it can be difficult with a new baby and lots of littles. Hope you are feeling well.


I like that tip! You know you can write something on the skin with a pencil and it will turn dark for the kids to read?? I did that for my big kids (eat me before I disenigrate) ...they laughed :)

Anyways, my tip is nothing new really, but all about prepping on the weekends to cover for the busy week :)

Thanks for hosting!

A soft resting place for fragile fruit - This sounded like a good title for a blog post about trusting God. it just hit me like that!

Glad to see you blogging more! :)

Feel free to toss in a few new pics of the baby when you blog those 2 times this week :)

I know I'm a little late, but would love to add my "2 of everything" tip to this post. Thanks!

--Bobi at Western Warmth--

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