Baby Stuff: Channah Shalom

Ruth (4) holding Channah (2 weeks)

It's nap time / quiet time at our house right now... we'll see how much typing I get done before Channah wakes! :) At 2 1/2 weeks old, Channah is probably my most content baby ever. She's nursing great and sleeps a lot, mostly with me. I figure since I'm supposed to rest and take it easy for a few weeks, I may as well rest with the baby in my arms! :)

So let's see... where to start. With a little about her name, I guess! :)

Channah is the Hebrew name of Hannah in the Bible. The "ch" is a soft "ch" sound like in the word "Chanukkah" or "challah" or "loch", and the "a" sounds are like the "a" in "father". Channah means grace, or compassion.

Shalom is (of course) the Hebrew word meaning "peace". When we were expecting our first baby, we decided we wanted to use Fruits of the Spirit (from Galatians 5) for girls' middle names. Ruth's middle name is Patience, and for Channah we decided to use Peace -- but liked the sound of the Hebrew word Shalom better with Channah. :)

Yehoshua and Channah

During rest time one day, when both Ruth (4) and Moshe (2) were asleep in their beds, I put Channah by the window for some sunshine. I came back to find Yehoshua (7) had gotten his camera out and was taking pictures of her as she slept. So sweet!

Channah's bed

Here is Channah's bed, in Ruth's room. Currently it's mostly being used as a changing table. A friend gave us this pack'n'play with the bassinet insert, which replaced my old pack'n'play that we had used for Moshe. Having a pack'n'play has been so handy! The boys helped me set this up the day I came home from the hospital with Channah. I was not very ready for her yet!! :)

Girls' dresser

Ruth and Channah will share this dresser now. I will probably need to hang a few things in the closet to make room for both girls' clothes, but I haven't gotten much arranging done yet. I also want to swap where the dresser and bassinet are currently placed, but am waiting a few more weeks to do any furniture-moving. ;)

New car seat!

The week before Channah was born (!!) I got an infant car seat for her. My old one had expired a year ago. I didn't spend too much time agonizing over all the infant car seat choices: I knew I wanted something with a handle/carrier feature and 5-point harness, and I liked the last SungRide I had. Then I splurged on one with an easy-adjustment strap and a fabric print that I liked. :D

Even though we don't travel much (in fact, so far Channah rode home from the hospital but that's been it!), I will use the car seat in the house as a rocker if needed. I don't have a swing, bouncy seat, etc. etc. -- so aside from being in bed or in a carrier (like my Ergo or mei tai), the car seat is the other option for a temporary safe place to put the baby. :)

Our comfy couch :)

This is where I get to spend time resting: on our wonderful comfy couch with a nice fluffy pillow (and as many kids for company as will fit). :) Two and a half years ago, before Moshe was born, we replaced our broken falling-apart futon with this couch and I LOVE it. It's my favorite place in the house to sit or lay and gets lots of use for nursing babies, naps, reading books, watching movies, etc... :)

Notice cute little Moshe sweeping the floor in the background? :) He's so helpful... always willing to try to clean up the messes he just made... ;)

Cloth diapers

Amazingly, I had pulled out baby clothes and diapers before Channah was born. Honestly, I looked at my long list of "things to do before the baby's born" and all of it sounded like too much work. Haha! So I decided to wash baby clothes, since that sounded like the most fun. :D

I have lots of thoughts about Channah's birth (and my hospital experience!) but I think I'll save them for the birth story. Which WILL come! :)


Thank you for sharing your photos of your sweet, growing-bless HaShem- family! May our Heavenly Father, the Great Physician bring healing and rest to you and your husband.
Dana Betz

Thank you for the sweet photos! They made me smile. My children are out playing in the sand right now. :) I can hear their shouts!

She's beautiful and thank you for explainng how to pronounce her name! :)

What a beautiful girl! Hope you have a quick recovery and time to enjoy your new little one. :)

She is beautiful. I am glad to hear that you are resting!


Babies are such a blessing!!! You have THE MOST beautiful children. I look forward to hearing your birth story.

glad everyone is fine. Hope you are resting!

Thanks for sending this link...those kiddos are just adorable! I love Yehoshua taking pics of his little sister. That is just so sweet!

Can't wait for everything to settle down for you...forget the list as long as everyone is happy...and healthy!

Best to you all!

All of your babies are so cute . Ruth has the most beautiful ,sparkling eyes. They all look like such good helpers.
Mary Louise

Blessed are you indeed. Congratulations to your family. Can't wait to read the birth story!!

~Stacy from Stacy Makes Cents

I am always impressed by how happy and loved your children look. This was a beautiful glimpse into your wonderful family.

Channah is adorable! And I love how she has a head of hair. Your older children must be eating her up!

Thank you for taking time to share an update and these beautiful pictures. I'm looking forward to reading about her birth. Praying for God's continued blessing for you all.


Thanks for the update. The baby is so sweet. Look forward to your birth story. I still intend to do mine...LOL. It's been 6 mos!


She is absolutely lovely with her dark hair and coloring and sweet fingers and Ahhh, babies (and mine is only 8 months old, but there just is nothing like a cuddly soft and sweet newborn)
I'm glad you can rest and things are running so smoothly. Happy baby makes for happy mommy.

I love reading your post keeps me grounded to whats important in life. beautiful baby girl you have.

I just LOVE this post. Thanks for sharing. Ruth looks so happy to have a baby sister.
Blessings to you,

Congratulations and I look forward to hearing the birth story! Beautiful children! And I thank you too for the lesson on pronouncing her name, beautiful!

Oh, Tammy, congratulations!!

Time got away from me and I didn't realize you were due so soon! I am due in June with a baby girl, so the pictures of your little sweet pea make me so excited to hold my own little one!

God bless!!

What a Sweetie! I love the name, too! Now you have two girls and three boys, just like me! My oldest will be turning seven soon, so they are all so close in should swing by Wisconsin sometime, we'd love it!

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