Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Washing and drying rubber spatulas

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

I know I mentioned a family update (and more baby pictures!) last week, but I'm totally guilty of just lounging on the couch and doing a bunch of baby-holding. :D

So this week, I will. I WILL turn on the computer and write about baby stuff and include kid pictures and tell you how we're pronouncing "Channah" and things like that. By Wednesday. (There, I gave a day... so it's official.) :)

Channah and Ruth

But here's just one... Ruth holding Channah. I shared her for a few minutes. ;)

Now, for a kitchen tip:

Spatulas in drawer

When I wash rubber (or silicone) spatulas, I feel like I need to take them apart (pull out the handles) in order to get them really clean. It just seems like food and germs probably get trapped where the spatula meets the handle and I can't NOT take it apart. ;)

But washing the parts separately means that the slot on the spatula gets wet, and it takes a long time to completely dry. I don't want to put the spatula back together before it's completely dry, but I also don't want spatulas out on my counter waiting to dry when everything else is put away.

My solution? Put both parts of the spatulas back in the drawer, but not assembled. The drawer isn't air-tight, and the utensils are stored loosely enough that the spatulas can finish drying. When we need a spatula, we grab both parts and put it together before using. :)

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You really know how to turn out those pretty babies!
She's absolutely beautiful! And you still look so young!
I pray you have a speedy recovery!

How adorable!

Love the suggestion for putting them back unassembled.

Today I'm linking up post with a couple of egg tips.

I'm looking forward to the family update. Thanks for your drying tip. I do this for things too.

The tips I would like to share today are about organizing and filling spices. Thanks for sharing!

I'm anxiously waiting for more pics! :) ... hope you are doing well and Joshua too ...

Today I wanted to share the plastic shoebox usefulness in the kitchen ... originally meant to just thaw frozen foods in (without making a leaky mess in the fridge) that progressed into a lot more!

Thanks for hosting, you are WONDERWOMAN :)

I think I would be very cautious using a shoe box for marinating in.......the acid in the marinade would probably cause the leaching of the bad stuff much faster than normal! Why not save up and splurge on a container from a restaurant supply house that is made from safer materials? Or, purchase some new Pyrex?

Channah is so beautiful. Thanks for the tip. Never thought about dirt getting in there.

A couple years ago, my mom got me as a gift one-piece silicone spatulas. It's so much easier to clean when it's all one piece, no taking apart, no deep grooves for things to get stuck. They're also sturdier feeling to me than most spatulas as the handle is a bit bigger around. This is on my top 10 list of kitchen utensils.

Heather (married Aug '00, mom to 6, ages 10 and under, baby #7 due in June)

and they're great. Mine are from Pampered Chef and are super easy to clean.

Just love when you post. Channah is adorable...what a blessing.

Blessings to you Tammy,

Hello Tammy!

Hope you are well! Here's another great milk substitute and it's super quick!


oh congratulations on your new little one, she is just beautiful:) i bet ruth is so happy to have a little sister and she looks so proud. cant wait for the update.
i never thought of doing that to my spatulas, will have to try that.
diana from oklahoma

Congratulations Tammy and family! Channah is beautiful, and I love That name!

My tip today is on stretching bacon.

Looking forward to more posts. I love your blog! I recently made your baked potato wedges.....and I also made them a few nights later as fries. They were awesome both ways!

I know how you pronounce her name but I won't spoil it for anyone else ;) I think it is so funny that is what we may be naming our next baby if it's a girl I love the name and I love the spelling although we won't be using the H just Channa. I love all of your children's names you are such a blessed family may YHWY continue to bless you as you love on your new baby!!!!!

Thank you, Tammy! She's lovely...newborns are so addictive!
Swing by my slightly cuckoo nest for family favorite recipes, herbal remedies, funny kid stories and more fun stuff!

Nothing is more important than baby-snuggling. :) So happy for you!

I've recently discovered water kefir, so here are my tips on that...

Thank you!

Congratulations on your knew sweet baby! My kitchen tip is about making bread kits:


AAAAWWWW! Channah (and Ruth!) is just adorable! Makes me want another one already:) Hope you're getting plenty of rest.

Your post reminded me that I haven't taken my rubber spatulas apart to be cleaned in . . . I don't even know when the last time was:( That's happening tomorrow!

My post today is how to cook brown rice, plus some tips on how to help your family make the switch to eating brown rice if you're used to white rice.


We do that too with our spatulas... makes me feel so much better about getting them cleaned!

My tip is for how to get crispy sweet potato fries -


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