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Not Bad

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Not Bad

This was a bit of a pain to make. I only have two burners, but had to use three different pans (one for the sauce, one for the noodles, and one for the meat/vegetable mix) - not to mention I needed to use a pan for the peas I made with it. It was relatively easy to make, but took quite a bit longer to prepare than I expected. It tasted pretty good. I, personally, think the apple juice does give it a bit of flavor (maybe it's just the brand I used, though). I had to omit the milk because it turns out someone put the milk ALL the way in the back of the fridge... and froze it. So, it probably wasn't as creamy as it would have been otherwise. Still, I did enjoy it and probably will make it again. Who would have thought that a pasta made with cream cheese would be so good? Also, thought I would add that this recipe doesn't seem to make for much sauce. It was enough for two people when I prepared it, with just a little left over. I would probably use more cream cheese to stretch the sauce out a bit.

EDIT: Pretty sure it was just the brand of apple juice. I couldn't taste it the second time I made it. Likewise, I actually had milk on hand - so it turned out better. I'm switching my review from a 7/10 to an 8/10.