Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Hosted at Good Cheap Eats this week!

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

Jessica at Good Cheap Eats is hosting Kitchen Tip Tuesdays for me this week so I can be available for Joshua as he undergoes surgery on Tuesday.

Head over to Good Cheap Eats to read Jessica's post and others' tips or to submit your own tips and links! :)


Thoughts and prayers are with Joshua and you for a successful surgery!

I hope everything goes well for Joshua, today and in the next few days after the surgery

Tammy, I hope that the surgery is a success, and that it turns out to be a quick recovery afterwords - for all of you! ;->

Have you ever told us what the surgery was for? If so, I don't remember...

Are you on pinterest? I am, as Cheryl Bz


Cheryl b.

Thank you, Cheryl! :)
About Joshua's surgeries -- yes -- in this post. :) A nerve issue and an inner ear issue... both on the left side of his head. :| :)
I'm not on Pinterest... not yet, anyway. :)

Your family will be in my prayers tonight, hope everything goes ok and let us know how everything goes. Pam

I am making your parm. twisted breadsticks tonight for supper. Maybe sometime you can post a picture of what your dough looks like after you knead it (Kitchen Tip Tuesday?). All recipes say to knead until elastic. Mine always seems to be sticky and not smooth, even after 5-6 min of kneading. Sometimes has the pitted look, like it's separating.

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