Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Flavoring coffee while brewing it

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

Forgive me if I'm silly for having just figured this out, but... :)

Hot coffee

As I was making a cup of coffee last week, I suddenly realized that I could add ground spices to the coffee as I was brewing it!

I started with cinnamon and coffee, and made a delicious cup of... cinnamon coffee!

Spices for homemade chai tea
Spices for homemade chai tea

Then yesterday, I made a chai spice blend with some freshly ground allspice and cardamom (in my suribachi), nutmeg, cloves, and cinnamon. Mmmm... it tasted wonderful!

There was no powdery residue in my coffee, since my coffee-making method uses a paper filter. Using ground cinnamon and other spices might not work so well in a French Press. Try cinnamon bark chips or coarsely-ground spices instead? :)

Anyway, I'm just a little excited that I can take a bag of "plain" coffee and vary the flavors according to my mood... so easily! :) And, my "homemade" flavors tasted so good -- much better than a lot of the flavored coffees I've tried. :)

Latte... mmm!

My favorite way to make coffee is with the AeroPress coffee/espresso maker Joshua got for my birthday last year! You can read my AeroPress review here. :)

See also: Cozy and Warming Chai Tea Lattes for a Winter's Day (No snow yet this year in Seattle...)

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Good morning, Tammy, and Happy New Year!

Today I am sharing my Top 10 posts on DIY/ Make Your Own tips.

Most of them are kitchen tips. I hope you can share them and that your readers enjoy seeing whatever they may have missed.


Tips for a very simple snowflake birthday party. :)

I love that method - one of the downfalls of owning a Keurig, however. Can't put spices in the little plastic cup.

Today I'm linking a post about 4 essential sauces that will help perk up your cooking. Learn to make these from scratch and and save money as well as be able to whip something up in no time at all.

I've never used a Keurig, but don't they sell re-fillable/re-usable cups for those? Then you could fill it with whatever! :)

This tip shows how you can freeze bacon in individual slices even in full, small, or side by side freezers.

Thank you, Tammy! I always enjoy your posts. :)

Oops! I wasn't signed in the first time I posted. I always enjoy your posts, Tammy...great ideas! I bet you could do a 'gingerbread' blend...mmmmm! Have you ever played with adding a teensy drop of essential oil (orange or peppermint) to your milk or creamer? That would be another fun way to get flavor in your coffee. I have to admit that homemade caramel is my *favorite* way to sweeten my coffee. :)

Here is my newest kitchen tip on freezing bacon in individual slices in small, side by side, or very full freezers where using a cookie sheet is impractical.
Swing by my slightly cuckoo nest for family favorite recipes, herbal remedies, funny kid stories and more fun stuff!

I haven't tried adding any oils... that would be a good way to add flavors inexpensively and without sweeteners (unless desired)! :)

I like used homemade celery salt in my cooking. I keep a small containter right with my salt and pepper for seasoning foods as I cook. I buy celery with the "tops" still on and remove the leafs and store in a zip lock baggie until I have enough. Then I dry the leafs (I use a hydrator but you can do it in the oven). When the leafs are dry enough to crumble, I pulse them to fairly fine powder and then add an equal amount of salt...and there you have a wonderful smelling, flavorful seasoning at no extra expense and very little effort.

That sounds delicious!! :)

Hi Tammy! Thanks for hosting again this week. I love how practical and helpful all the tips here every week.

This week I am posting encouragement to start the year off in the right direction with meal planning:

Thank you!

Hi Friend :->
I'm linking up my 2011 Cooking and Baking Directory, which contains tips galore!

No, I do NOT think your silly for just figuring something like that out. But isn't it great how such 'little things' can make us smile so?
Chery B.

I never thought of that! I wrote about tenderizing chicken:

I wanted to tell you what wonderful pictures you have on here. You do a wonderful job. It is neat the angles you do them from too. Oh, and the children are getting so big. It is nice to see how big they are getting with you being so far away.


Thanks, Teresa! :)

I'm sorry to hear your husband is having two major surgeries. I have said a prayer for his quick recovery. I hope you have a good (in real life) support system to help you with the kids during this time.

Thank you. :)

Hi Tammy :)

So you drink coffee/caffeine while you're pregnant? Not judging, just interested in your take on it. :)

From my research, small amounts of caffeine aren't harmful during pregnancy. I don't have a hard-and-fast rule for myself; if I feel like having a cup of coffee or tea, I do so. :) But I don't regularly consume caffeine... at times I go weeks or months without any kind of caffeinated tea or coffee. :)

And, my midwife actually suggested a cup of coffee to treat headaches if I didn't want to take Tylenol. I've had quite a few headaches that wouldn't respond to my normal ways (drinking extra water, taking a nap, etc.) and I asked her for suggestions other than taking Tylenol. :)

When I was pregnant with my daughter in 2009, I asked my doctor right away about coffee, because I am a coffee drinker (1-2 cups a few times a week). She said that 1-2 cups a day was fine, but wouldn't recommend any more. I didn't drink a lot of coffee during my pregnancy, because of morning sickness and then heart burn. My daughter was born in May 2010 and she was perfect! (And still is!!) We are expecting a boy in March 2012 and I still drink coffee and tea on occasion, but am not worried about it!

that are safe during pregnancy, but they have linked caffeine use in pregnancy to colic in some cases. I drank a lot of black tea while pregnant with my oldest son throughout my entire pregnancy and he had such severe colic, I decided if there was even a small chance of their being a link...I was not going to risk it.
I see a lot of people will cut out dairy before they cut out caffeine with a fussy baby, but there is actually many more links with that than dairy.
Anyhow....caffeine is a lot safer than many other things people take in pregnancy, so enjoy a cup once in awhile.

I can't wait to try this. I do love hot tea in the mornings. I went to the site that you mentioned and love the tea pot and cup! So beautiful. I have a few tea pots. One is a burgundy one that my sister-in-law found for me. It matches some smallish stoneware type cups that my grandfather always drank his coffee out of. I keep it on display on a tea tray. I will be using it to make my tea in.

Your blog has been very helpful lately! We recently moved into an apartment (first one in 20 years) and some of your apartment posts have helped a lot. Mostly your dishwasher ones. I now have my very first ever, in my life, dishwasher. LOL! Also I have my first ever in my life garbage disposal.....which got clogged recently. I remembered you had that issue so I came here first. Thanks Tammy (and everyone who leaves comments)! There are other firsts for me/us too for apartment living.

I don't always have kitchen tips, but I do like reading others tips!

Thank you, Anna! :)

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